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Today there were some rumors going around that Warner Brothers and Kanbar animation are planning to develop a CG animated Sam and Max film to the big screen there hasn't being much talk about the film yet or release date . it was stated by WB and Kanbar that the film will focus more on the elements of the games than on the elements of the comic strip . WB also rumored that they are planning to work with the creator of the games (Steve Purcell ) so the film could feel just like the games and TV show . the film will also have a similar plot to beyond time and space and will possibly be about Sam and Max time traveling into different dimension and time periods . but no word if this will actually be the real plot for

the movie . due to its T rating Kanbar and WB wants to go more PG family friendly film rather than make it a PG-13 or an R-rated edgy animated comedy which will not happen WB stated (we want to make an animated comedy for kids and adults to enjoy because the original sam and max are way to edgy for an animated film we don't want that. we want our film to be successful rather than to be criticized due to its Violent content and Humor that the original had .

if Kanbar does not have any rights to the film then Rainmaker could possibly pick this film up the floor depends on how well the Ratchet and Clank and Sly cooper movie do .


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