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Let's be honest, most of us, if not all had an initial cringe when we first saw Leto's Joker picture. a lot of us were expecting a clean cut, white suit, kind of a Joker,something more like this

not a Meth Head, white trash, look the other way kind of a Joker. I mean look at this guy!

A forehead tattoo, really?
A forehead tattoo, really?

And many people on the internet were not big fans of it either, for a few examples...

I was there with you guys, kind of disgusted at first. I mean come on why this look for The Joker? It wasn't until I saw this re-tweet by ElMayimbe that I started to really think about what this Joker might be.

It kind of began to grow on me at this point and then it really really grew on me, this Joker is awesome!

The Grill?- his previous run-in's with The Bat. The Tattoos?- Probably from all his days in prison, the mouth on his right arm or left hand probably to "put a smile" on his victim's faces. I began to really think more and more about it, and this Joker is really perfect! I mean of course I cringed, I just saw a psychopath! And if there's any one-word description for The Joker as an overall character it would be crazy, and I think this picture alludes to a very crazy character. What do you guys think, do you still dislike him, have you loved it the whole time, or is it maybe starting to grow on you?


What do you think our first look at Leto's Joker?


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