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What Happens When You Cross Looney Tunes With Doctor Who?

Remember the 2003 Warner Brothers film "Looney Tunes Back in Action"? Well when you reach Area 52 some familiar enemies of the Doctors makes an appearance. It has to be poor old Marvin the Martian that takes the extermination and gets disintegrated. Typical.

The Laboratory is full of all kinds of creatures including the Daleks. Daffy is being chased by Marvin because Daffy is in possession of a very valuable and precious card. Marvin is keen to stop Daffy. But Daffy being Daffy goes all Looney and just runs everywhere. His path happens to go between 2 Daleks. For once it isn't Daffy getting injured. Oh no, Daffy passes through the Daleks no problem. Whereas Marvin passes through the Daleks and gets vaporized. But the Looney Tunes being as Looney as they are will regenerate and come back to normal again.

The Daleks going round the area shouting "Exterminate" are the actual Daleks used in the non canon films "Dr. Who and the Daleks" and "Daleks - Invasion Earth 2150 AD".

Imagine A Doctor Who And Looney Tunes Crossover Episode!

What if Daffy Duck took control of the TARDIS and Bugs Bunny was his companion? Imagine the debates and arguments going on inside the TARDIS. This is where Bugs Bunny's pun could come in, "whats up doc?" See Looney Tunes is made for Doctor Who. The Time Travel in the show would be sensational. It would be amazing to see it happen. The art would be inspirational and would get fans drawing out duplicate copies of it as fan art.

Ah yes!
Ah yes!

What If The Doctor(s) Appeared As looney Tunes Characters?

Picture the opening theme to Looney Tunes, instead of Bugs Bunny, picture the Doctor. They would look so sweet and cuddly. The Daleks as drawings in this would be pretty cool. Along with the Cybermen. Instead of it being called Looney Tunes, it would be called "The Doctors".

If Doctor Who started at the same time as Looney Tunes, and they signed a deal to cross over. I expect many fans would be pleased, amazed and excited!


Would You Like To See A Looney Tunes And Doctor Who Crossover?


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