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Every week I produce an episode for a series on my YouTube channel I like to call "The Drop". Each and every Monday, I sit down and talk to my viewers about what new games are going to be hitting stores for that Tuesday just in case anyone was interested in picking something new up or perhaps was just curious about the new titles. For April 28th, there are mainly a lot of games breaking through that console exclusivity barrier and migrating onto competing machines. To start, State of Decay: Year One Survival Edition is lumbering its way onto the Xbox One. The original title became popular almost overnight on the Xbox 360, and taking into account the recent success of H1Z1, I could definitely imagine that this game will do well in the market set up we see today. In addition to this, Tropico 5 is coming to the PS4 after being released on the Xbox 360 last year. Normally, I am not really into these kind of titles but the reviews for Tropico 5 have in fact been rather impressive, so when there is a price drop I might have to consider picking this one up. Of course, if you are looking for that city simulation fix on the newer generation of consoles, then Tuesday is your lucky day! Of course if none of these titles are sounding appealing and the need for a classic platformer is driving you mad, Shovel Knight, a critically acclaimed modern metroidvania game, is finally making its way to the Xbox One. After seeing its initial release on the PC and then being ported to the Wii U and PlayStation consoles it is no surprise to see the knight hopping onto the Xbox One. Finally, for any of you Call of Duty buffs out there looking to freshen up the gameplay experience a little on the PlayStation or PC, you're in luck! The second DLC pack "Ascendance" is finally breaking from being an Xbox exclusive. Including 4 new maps in multiplayer and one new zombies experience, there is certainly enough content to allow players to go back to the future (of warfare). In addition to the maps, there is also a weapon functioning as an LMG combined with a shotgun. Yeah, that's right. On top of all of that Sledgehammer has introduced a new grappling playlist allowing players to zip from building to building. The new playlist adds a new level of agility to the game, and of what players are saying it most definitely freshens up the gameplay. Interesting ideas in DLC are a rare sight to see, and it appears that Sledgehammer games has succeeded when it comes to the first half of DLC for Advanced Warfare. If you enjoyed the video, please take the time to check out some of the other uploads on my channel! I have new videos ready 4 or 5 days a week and I adore it when newcomers stumble upon my corner of the internet! Let me know what new games you all will be picking up, and I'll talk to you next week!


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