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Earlier, I combined my love of fan-casting and the recent trending tag to make what I like to call !, in which people invent their own movie ideas and tag fellow Creators or staff writers to fan-cast them. I recently made one of these for Creator TJ Smith (which you can find here), and now I figured I'd make one for one of my favorite content Creators on the site, the one and only Adonis Gonzalez!

So here we go Adonis, you are going to be fan-casting...

The Darkened Blade

In this epic fantasy flick, a valiant knight known as Sir Terrence has noticed that his famous sword, Severance, has started to turn black and lose it's sharp edge. Frantic for answers, Sir Terrence scours the land in search of someone who can save his sword. Along the way, he finds that his problems are more than just a sword...


  • Sir Terrence - A veteran knight whose swordsmanship is famed throughout the land. He is tall handsome, and everything you would think the perfect warrior to be. His reputation has landed him a substantial ego that could prove to be his downfall.
  • Lady Sylvia - Sir Terrence's wife, who is much younger than him. She isn't the brightest of girls, and you can tell she is more a trophy to the knight than an actual love.
  • Chap - A young boy that follows Sir Terrence around in hopes to someday become as valiant as him. When Sir Terrence runs into trouble on his journey, Chap is the only one there to save him.
  • The Nightcaller - A mysterious yet beautiful woman that Sir Terrence meets on his journey. She appears many times during the film and she makes Terrence question the love he thought he had for Lady Sylvia.
  • Kain - A slender, cloaked figure who seems to be the root for all of Sir Terrence's trouble. He is a menacing individual, and you can tell he has something far more sinister in store than a blackened sword.

There you go Adonis! Le's see what you can do with that!


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