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I love WWE and DC mainly Batman, I am an average nerd so i know alot just to to much haha!
Adam Boshie Bosher

Hi all, I 've decided to be creative and do the quiz in the post part so hope you enjoy :). And let me know your results in the comments.

i apologize for the question about who has not been batman, i recently found out that the person i put there was batman in one of the series so i had to add one :) sorry.


1. Who was the Hero that allied with Batman to fight Superman in the “The Dark Knight Returns’’ series?

Answer: Green Arrow


2. Which of these characters has not been a Robin?

Answer: Vikki Vale


3. Which Lantern Member came from planet BolovaxVik?

Answer: Kilowog


4. When did Lois Lane and Clark Kent get married in the comics?

Answer: 1996


5. True or False? There was a story line involving Superman’s baby sitter; trying to get an adolescent Clark Kent out of the microwave while the Kents were having sex in a motel room.

Answer: True


6. Which one of the following is NOT the creator/s of a DC super hero?

Answer: Markus Persson


6.5. What/who did the correct answer from number 6 create?

Answer: Minecraft


7. Which one of these has not been batman?

Answer: Victor Fries


8. What is Wonder Woman’s sister’s name in the '70s TV series?

Answer: Drucilla


9. What did Cyborg refer to as his ‘’baby’’?

Answer: His car


10. What is Aquaman’s Atlantian name?

Answer: Orin


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