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One of the most acclaimed indie, horror game Five Night's At Freddy's is getting another installment. While there has not been any "official" announcements the creator of the series Scott Cawthon uploaded a picture on his website.

The Theory

Now if you noticed in the picture above something is missing. Get it yet? It is Freddy's hat that was in the spotlight. Some weeks after FNAF3 released Scott uploaded an image and in that image was Freddy's hat in the spotlight and fans all over the world thought this was the end, the final game, but, another way to look at it is that Freddy will always be in the spotlight and will not go so easily. At the end of FNAF3 we get a newspaper clip telling us that the building caught fire and all that remained was sold at an auction, now it is possible that Freddy's hat was undamaged and somebody bought it or somebody picked it up, Freddy picked it up.


The Conclusion

So, it is in a way conformed that there will be a FNAF4, when will we get it is unknown. The story and whether it will be a prequel or a sequel is not conformed but what we do know is that it has not ended. It could not have ended as there are still many things to be told example. who actually is purple guy? Golden Freddy, Shadow Bonnie? What happened with the child who was killed outside? The real reason of the bite of '87? Maybe all these questions will be answered in the upcoming game. Check it out for your self at


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