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A lot of us Hustle and Flow fans immediately became excited with the initial promo ads for a new show starring Terrance Howard and Taraji P. Henson. As the days passed, anticipation grew for the premier. Producers of the show had to have known the appeal. The two stars share an unbeatable chemistry that simply captivates an audience. From episode one the show has grabbed the attention of many living room TV's, its no surprise that the show was once noted to have well over 5.7 millions viewers. With the strong appeal the show has with its acting and music strengths, it not only pushes heavy topics such as drug dealing, mental disease, and homophobia it gives you a really good beat to rock to while it all happens (Courtesy of Timbaland, of course). Empire has generated a strong fan base which supports the show and its music endeavors as well. The soundtrack of the show debuted at #1 on the charts. To sum it up, Empire is platinum status. They shut down twitter and tv while america sat to watch every minute of the finale. I even experienced a broken heart to find out the wait for a new season will be detrimentally long. Good thing Hulu has the entire season incase anyone needs to watch it all again. I'm going to just listen to the album and wait for season 2... BTW anyone else notice that Terrance is staying busy with another new show? Guess that'll be my next review.


What will you do, until season 2?


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