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One of the defining features of a Marvel film, ANY Marvel film, is the teaser that comes after the credits.

The start of the Tradition

The tradition actually first featured at the very end of the credits for X-Men 3 when they teased that Professor X had managed to escape his death at the hands of Phoenix. (A teaser I initially missed because I stormed out of the theatre when they revealed Rogue had given up her powers. Blurgh, WTF. Anyway, a rant for another day.)

Teasers at their Best

The post-credits teaser was instrumental in creating a buzz around the interconnected Marvel Studios movies and the eventual build up to it's most successful movie to date, The Avengers (obviously).

Thor teased in Iron Man 2
Thor teased in Iron Man 2

With the introduction of each new character teased at the end of the movie before. From Thor's appearance being teased at the end of Iron Man 2 to most recently the Maximoff twins' arrival being teased at the end of Cap 2.

Scarlet Witch teased in Cap 2
Scarlet Witch teased in Cap 2

What teaser will be next?!

Ignoring the annoying Howard the Duck teaser at the end of Guardians of the Galaxy, every teaser Marvel released has left me squealing with excitement. So what do they have planned for the end of Avengers: Age of Ultron?

Will it be the introduction of a new character that is due to make an appearance soon, such as T'Challa or even Carol Danvers? Or will it be a teaser of an upcoming event such as the Civil War storyline or the Inhumans?

Will it be an Ant-Man teaser, seeing as his film is due out next? Or will Marvel go full-on fanatical and tease Spider-Man himself?!

We'll have to wait and see!


What do you think the Avengers: Age of Ultron Teaser will be?


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