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marvel is awesome..and i want everyone to know about it
Taufeeq Hussain

Well i saw the movie at imax near my place...i know the fact that it got released in india a couple of days before US (how cool is that ;))...coming to the movie,it was awesome,the visuals were breathtaking,you couldnt have expected more from a Joss Whedon film...thats my views...apart from the fact that the CGI and VFX were at peaks...there were some moments where you go "awe"...but thats a marvel film...the film has some whedon the one-liners they give eachother (Samuel I jackson nailed it )...apart from them the storyline is kind of modified when compared to comics.I found it interesting that the film was concentrating more on the characters of hawkeye,black widow and the hulk...we didnt get to learn much about Von Strucker (i hope agents of shield completes the void)...coming down to the villain "ultron" played by none other than James Spader was fantastic...the face ,the body language, everything and his voice is so bad-ass...ull kind of hipnotising.Coming to Iron Man,Captain America,Thor everyone was in theie best form...the new entries to the Avengers tean are Scarlett Witch,Silver Streak and ofcourse the Vision...the plot was nicely handled by everyone of them...i wanted to see more of Silver are the spoilers *an avenger feeling sad that ot was one of the twins* *Vision steps into the team and.......lifts Thors cool is it* * Thanos appears in the post credit scene and.....reveals the Infinity Gauntlet....he is like "enough...ill get them myself"(them=infinity stones)...thats swell* *Vision is the one who kills Ultron * *the stone on visions forehead is indeed the mind gem*

All in all...the film was upto its expectations...there are a few sad moments...just what tge script demanded...

However...its the last film from Joss Whedon associated with marvel...yes folks thats right the contract which binded them is now finished....

Avengers 2 is a must watch movie...not to miss by any marvel fan!!!



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