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Joe Ndabu

First off this is my first real article that I'm excited about so don't judge too hardly alright so recently i got the oppurtunity too watch age of ultron literally about 5 minutes ago and I'll start out on my opinion on that before I get into [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409).

First off I'm going too list what I liked about it that I normally would have not liked. I liked how vision can hold thors mjolnir htis is incredibly unbelievable especially the way they introduced it with him casually doing it and throwing it too Thor. I also liked how they made ultron conflicted like yeah it was clear he wanted to cause an extinction level event but it felt like he regretted each kill especially the loss of the twins as his allies like he was alone which I think just kinda fueled him a little yet also hindered his plans. Hawkeyes family was a huge surprise in the comics he had an extremely intimate relationship with mocking bird who you can see on agents of shield but this made him feel vulnerable and more real cause he is the every man on the team. I liked how they did the new line up of avengers my original thinking was captain America,black widow, Scarlett witch, falcon, winter soldier and Spider-Man; instead the line up is actually exactly the same except for winter soldier who is not revealed yet but war machine is as good as any too fill his slot. I liked how they did her powers I believe telepathy, telekinesis so basically Jean grey Phoenix from X-Men 3 type of vibe which is close enough atm too her actual capabilities.

Now the things I didn't like there aren't a lot probably just 1 major one and then minor things. The big Wtf was quicksilver dying which made me infuriated like finally we get too see marvels response too Fox's version who I believe actually won the comparison barely tho. My point is that he is aan important part of Scarlett witch's back story it's like having Susan but no Johnny for the fantastic four movie .

No that I've gotten that out of the way now for the civil war part of the article. Now I mentioned the team in spoilers it was Captain America, black widow as team veterans with the the rookies vision, Scarlett witch, war machine, and falcon. Tony and Hawkeye are retired ,Thor is on Asgard, hulk and winter soldieris on the run, pietro is dead and everyone else is a mystery. We know for a fact Hawkeye and Tony are back which is great news and Spider-Man may take a role as well on who's side who knows. Although as a comic nerd I'd like too take a guess, Spider-Man starts on Tony like in the comics but eventually switches to captain America's side after see tonies methods. Scott Lang aka ant man is a tough one I don't know much about Scott but I do know about hank in the comics he sided with Tony yet this time around it's different with his intellect and age I believe he won't view the world like Tony or cap and will have a neutral view at first but will eventually join Rogers side which means so will probably Scott. Black Panther will side with Tony base on resources to find stolen vibranium. That's all I can say atm I'll update you guys on a later date.


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