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Brink! was one of many Disney Channel Original Movies that used a ton of lingo my young brain couldn't comprehend, but that never deterred me from watching it every single time it was on. There was something about the rivalry between the X-Bladz and Team Pup 'N Suds that made all the skate talk even better.

I can safely say that this movie taught me the word "bruh" as a term of endearment, and my parents never fully appreciated being called that by little seven-year-old me. I couldn't have been further from a Californian lifestyle living on the East Coast, but I wasn't gonna let that stop me from aiming for greatness.

Let's remember those kids that introduced us to the world of aggressive in-line skating and see what the cast of Brink! looks like today.

Andy "Brink" Brinker - Erik von Detten

Fun fact: Erik von Detten provided the voice of Sid, the deranged but industrious neighbor in Toy Story. He returned for Toy Story 3 in a cameo

After hanging up the skates: Von Detten stuck close to Disney, starring in the show So Weird and the movie The Princess Diaries, while also voicing characters in The Legend of Tarzan and Brandy & Mr. Whiskers.

Val - Sam Horrigan

Fun fact: Sam Horrigan appeared on the reality show Beauty and the Geek as the first ever "male beauty" contestant. He was billed as a club promoter, but the show seemed to avoid his previous high-profile experience in the media.

After hanging up the skates: Following his obnoxious turn as Val, Horrigan got small roles in TV series like Grounded for Life, One Tree Hill, and Veronica Mars. Most recently, he appeared in True Blood as a Fangbanger and the TV movie Holiday Engagement as a Surfer Dude. These days, he frequently uploads Christianity-focused videos on his YouTube channel Kingdom Royalty.

Gabriella - Christina Vidal

Fun fact: According to her Wikipedia page, Christina Vidal was the first Puerto Rican child actress to star in an American film, 1993's Life With Mikey starring Michael J. Fox.

After hanging up the skates: Vidal hit the ground running and locked down the titular role on Nickelodeon's Taina, a sitcom about a young Latina yearning for superstardom. She then played a friend of Lindsay Lohan in Freaky Friday, which gave her another chance to show off her vocal skills. Vidal still acts, most recently appearing in episodes of Stalker and Being Mary Jane.

Peter - Patrick Levis

Fun fact: Patrick Levis has devoted much of his time to Christian music. He spent 10 years as the lead singer of the band Least of These and recently released his solo album Extravagant God.

After hanging up the skates: Levis is probably best known for joining his Brink! brother von Detten for a few seasons of the Disney show So Weird. He also made appearances in CSI, The King of Queens, and the Disney Channel Original Movie Miracle in Lane 2. His latest acting gig was a short called Murder of Crowe.

Jordy - Asher Gold

Fun fact: Brink! was the first acting role for Asher Gold.

After hanging up the skates: Gold acted a bit more following his work on the classic DCOM, appearing in Any Day Now, Once and Again, Missing Brendan. His most recent work was in 2006's Accepted as a Frat Guy. Sadly, I haven't found much more information on Gold since then.

Boomer - Walter Jones

Fun fact: Walter Jones was well-known as the Black Ranger on the seminal '90s classic, The Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, but you might not know that he's missing the middle finger on his left hand.

After hanging up the skates: Jones never strayed too far from the franchise that made him famous, voicing characters in Power Rangers Lost Galaxy and Power Rangers Wild Force. He also appeared in episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Moesha, CSI, and The Shield. Next up, he'll be in the movies Man Without a Head and Red to Black.


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