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In this day and age, technology is starting to take over our lives to some extent. In other words, the movie Smart House, which came out in 1999 was pretty much ahead of its time in realizing that once homes became a little too tech'd out, things could go awry.

Well, now that we are on the verge of self-driving cars and the like, watching Smart House is kind of taking a backwards look into the crystal ball that has us here, 16 years later, with a lot of the problems illustrated in the film. If you haven't seen the film, you really should. It's an age-old tale of artificial intelligence taking over - and doing so in the literal comfort of our own homes.

I see some parallels to Ultron from the new Avengers film. Something built with great care and with good intentions didn't end up the way that us, the humans, would have hoped. No, but seriously, this movie was pretty goofy and we're here to show you what the cast looked like then... and what they look like now.

Check it!

Nick Cooper (Played by Kevin Kilner)

Nick Cooper was the classic dad on the show. In fact, I think Kevin Kilner is pretty much always the classic nice semi-All-American guy. Kevin Kilner has had a very active career since 1999, and most recently, appears on Happyish, a Showtime TV series that premiered on April 26th.

Ben Cooper (Played by Ryan Merriman)

I can't even lie, this dude had potential, but I didn't expect him to grow up into the stud that he became. The son of Nick Cooper, I believe he was the guy all young dudes kind of related to most in the film. Nowadays, Ryan Merriman subtly doing HUGE things in Hollywood. He had a recurring role in Pretty Little Liars and has six projects in the works.

Pat [the house] (Played by Katey Sagal)

Ms. Sagal was simply Pat, aka the house. She killed it in the role, but I think she's probably slightly more proud of her role in Sons of Anarchy, in which she plays Gemma Teller Morrow. She also has a part in the upcoming cinematic masterpiece that will be Pitch Perfect 2.

Sara Barnes (Played by Jessica Steen)

Sara Barnes was the woman who sold this "Smart House" aka Pat to the Coopers. Jessica Steen played Ms. Barnes and has had a strong career since 1999. She was in Flashpoint, Heartland, and Those Damn Canadians.

Angie Cooper (Played by Katie Volding)

You may have remembered her from Brink! She was a child star and lots of directors wanted her for this similar type of role... as the young daughter who is both cute and inquisitive. She really made it in the Au Pair trilogy of films and has grown into a gorgeous woman.


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