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Considering we are all such big fans of the Disney universe, it is only natural that our imaginations run wild and may often re-imagine a few story overlaps and crossovers.

The following artists have done just this, skillfully colliding characters from different movies and forging new relationships, love affairs and feuds between them. After all, have you ever considered how well Esmeralda and Jasmine would fare as friends? Could the villainous Cruella de Ville and Captain Hook have been a pair of love-struck lovers? And if Tarzan and Simba came head-to-head in the jungle, who would come out on top?

Take a look at these phenomenal Disney fan art crossovers and decide for yourselves!

1. Pocahontas & Ariel

They love to share their thingamabobs with each other. I think this is the start of a beautiful friendship.

Would Pocahontas also confuse a fork for a "dinglehopper?" Re-watch the clip from The Little Mermaid to remind yourself of what that is:


2. Esmeralda & Jasmine

Deviant artist X-Arielle collides these two Disney ladies in the most beautiful way. [Source]

3. Cruella & Captain Hook

The gruesome twosome strike again. But exactly how does Captain Hook feel about Cruella's puppy-stealing antics? Re-watch the clip and decide for yourself:


4. Tarzan & Kida

Artist LilMissPeppy totally thinks this couple would work. I kind of agree. [Source]

5. Pocahontas & Robin Hood

I wonder what secrets Pocahontas is spreading? Robin does not look amused. [Source]

6. Ariel & Meg

What are they whispering about do you think? Perhaps it's something about Hercules. [Source]

7. Tarzan & Simba

The King of the Jungle comes up against the King of Pride Lands. [Source]

8. Snow White, Ariel, Lady and Cinderella

It's kinda creepy how all of these ladies are watching Cinderella sleep, don't you think? She's in for a shock when she wakes up! [Source]

9. Wendy & Peter attend the Mad Hatter's Tea Party

I can imagine Alice and Wendy getting along very well. [Source]

10. Belle & Aladdin

Well, considering Belle is French, Aladdin is playing it right trying to woo her with a baguette. [Source]

11. Tinkerbell & Timon

The two tiny side-kicks are not getting along as well as I would have thought. Hakuna Matata, guys! [Source]

12. Belle & Bambi's father

I understand Belle is into Beasts, but she's going to be heartbroken when she realizes not every one can transform into a handsome man. [Source]

13. Ariel & Jim

That is one "kiss of true love!" Sorry but Prince Eric, who? [Source]

14. Alice & Peter Pan

Do you think Alice would make a better Wendy? [Source]


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