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Disney has had such a huge influence on multiple generations of movie goers that it's no surprise that its films are frequently used as inspiration for artists, in particular, fan artists.

Over the years Disney characters have been morphed into many different circumstances, relationships and even objects, as new artists repeatedly take their own spin on our childhood faves. Today I've found some truly spectacular fan art that puts a refreshing spin on the Disney fan art genre by taking two characters from two different Disney film and making them a couple! It sounds a little out there but once you see these awesome and imaginative couples I think you might have to agree that they really do make the perfect pair. Take a look:

Ariel and Jim: The Little Treasure

This crossover from DisneyCrossoverGirl sets up Jim from Treasure Planet and Ariel from The Little Mermaid. She explains that they would be perfect for each other given their adventurous, entertaining and spunky spirits and I tend to agree! Not to mention they both have a rebellious streak which I think would make them an awesome couple.

Alice and Peter Pan in Wondeverland

These two were dreamed up by artist angeelous-dc and I think they're super cute! I guess when you think about it, Alice is quite similar to Wendy (in fact they even had the same voice actress - Kathryn Beaumont!), so she could easily have become the object of Peter's affections.

A whole new world for Aladdin and Ariel

The lovable scamp Aladdin and the little mermaid herself, Ariel, were shipped by artist blueberricake. I tend to think that Ariel and Aladdin's personalities would match up pretty well; after all, what better person for Aladdin to show a whole new world to than a girl whose curiosity knows no bounds like Ariel!

Tarzan and Belle, Beauty and the Beast-man

This is another dream couple thought up by DisneyCrossoverGirl. It would be hard to imagine Belle living in the jungle, though if she could get her hands on books then I doubt Belle would mind living anywhere. I like to think they would be a couple who could learn a lot from each other - Belle teaching Tarzan to read and about a wider world, and Tarzan teaching Belle things she couldn't possibly pick up from books.

The Incredible Robinson's, Violet and Wilbur!

This DIsney/Pixar ship by angeelous-dc looks like it could almost be a screenshot straight from a film starring both Wilbur and Violet, it's so spot on! These two teens would be well matched as a couple, and with their personalities still developing I can picture a series of sweet and soppy romantic gestures by Wilbur (maybe time traveling to a particularly romantic era in time?) as he woos his first true love.

The Prince and the Porter: Eric and Jane

I have to say, I never imagined these two together, but actually, as SweetKairi1992 has shown, they look pretty cute together! I could see smart and charming Jane falling for the kind and fun-loving Eric. Both of them are brave and exploratory souls, as well as very down-to-earth, definitely all qualities that would make them a strong pairing.

Jasmine and Mulan, a whole new world!

This couple by Ogrefairy is a little out of left field given that both Mulan and Jasmine have male partners in their respective films, but gender aside, their personalities also make them a great pair. Both Jasmine and Mulan are strong-willed and independent people, though also extremely caring - both of them love their families beyond anything, and will do whatever it takes to protect them and their houses (or kingdoms).

The Lost Imperial City with Kida and Shang

Both of these trained combatants have been made into a couple by SweetKairi1992. I think it would be interesting to see if Kida and Shang could make a relationship work, or if Shang's reserved and calm personality would mix badly with Kida's forceful and strong-willed one, I do like the idea of it though!

The Princess and the Thief: Aladdin and Tiana

This resourceful pair came from the mind of angeelous-dc, and I have to say, I truly love it! Tiana is an underrated Disney princess, and matching her with Aladdin was a stroke of genius. I like to think that Aladdin's carefree and fun personality would only be good for Tiana who has a tendency to get uptight and overly involved in work, do you agree?

A magic match made in heaven: Fairy Godmother and Merlin

I couldn't resist adding in this artwork and couple thought up by angeelous-dc, come on, what's not to love?!


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