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When I book a holiday to a beautiful city I think of how much I would enjoy experiencing another culture, eating lovely food and visiting amazing monuments, churches and attractions.

What I don't expect is ghosts to pop out of everywhere and scare the hell out of me.

So what if I told you that your next holiday destination, or, the very city in which you live in is haunted?! That there are ghouls in every shadowy corner, or thousands of bodies buried underneath the very sidewalk you walk on?

Here are ten cities that are known for their paranormal activity and grizzly histories.

10. Edinburgh, Scotland

This city is steeped in history, with the huge Edinburgh Castle looming over the city from the top of the hill.

You could walk down Brodie's Close on the Royal Mile, but you might bump into the ghost of William Brodie and his fire breathing dark horse that claim the street as their own. William was sentenced to hang after being caught robbing in the middle of the night.

Edinburgh Castle has a huge population of ghosts, including those who were accused of witchcraft and burnt at the stake.

Witches being burnt at the stake at the Castle
Witches being burnt at the stake at the Castle

People have seen dogs, a lonely drummer and a guard once saw a headless figure that vanished when it turned around.

Mary Kings Close
Mary Kings Close

Or you could go to Mary Kings Close that is said to be haunted by the ghosts of people that were sent there when they were dying of The Black Death, and some say their dead bodies were used to build the walls in the close, trapping them forever.

9. Hesse, Germany

The home of the Babenhausen Barracks, it housed hundreds of German soldiers during the Second World War.

Now a museum people have seen the ghosts of German soldiers in uniform walking through the corridors. Lights go on and off by themselves and German commands are shouted in the middle of the night and heavy footsteps echo around.

Soldiers that have visited the museum have heard a woman talking backwards when they pick up a telephone receiver, they are unsure if it's English or German.

The town itself was an area for burning witches in the 19th century. A ghost of one of the alleged witches is said to have seduced and killed several German soldiers while they were staying at the barracks.

8. Oslo, Norway

In the middle of Norway's capital Oslo, there is a huge fortress which was where many people met their fate.

The Nazi's controlled the fortress during the second world war, and used it as a prison.

It was a place where hundreds of people were ruthlessly imprisoned, shackled and eventually executed.

It's said that soldiers buried a live dog that barked wildly, scaring those inside. Now it is said to be a demon dog named Malcanisen that guards the gates. Legend has it that if Malcanisen approaches a visitor, they will die a horrible death within three months.

The faceless ghost of a woman, called Mantelgeisten, walks throughout the castle.

Staff can now hear the ghosts of the old prisoners who let out blood curdling screams in the dead of night and rattling the chains that once restrained them.

Some have even seen the ghosts of Guards keeping watch on their old posts, only to see them disappear in front of their eyes.

7. Prague, Czech Republic

Down in the city's old town is the place most favored by ghosts and paranormal activity.

Charles Bridge was once the site for executions and is said to be haunted by the ghosts of the men that were killed there, not knowing they are dead.

Prague Castle's grounds are the home to two governors who were thrown out of one of the windows of the castle.

Finally, the Old Jewish Cemetery has been named the most haunted part of the city, maybe due to the fact that over 100,000 bodies are buried there, not a place to go a night time that's for certain!

6. Dublin, Ireland

A historic city with a creepy past.

Kilmainham Gaol
Kilmainham Gaol

One of the cities biggest tourist attractions is Kilmainham Gaol, an old prison. Legend has it that inmates were playing cards with a fellow inmate they had never seen before. Convinced he was cheating they looked under the table to see the man didn't have human legs, but hooves of the devil. He left the room and was never seen again. But the room has set on fire several times, for no apparent reason.

Malahide Castle is haunted by the spirit of a young servant man who fell in love with a noblewoman. He killed himself by stabbing his own heart with a knife. Found still breathing he told the people there that he intended to haunt the castle, and it seems as though he does just that.

5. Berlin, Germany

Known for it's nightlife, graffiti and creative scene, Berlin also holds some spooky secrets.

The city is home to the ominous, and now abandoned, Beelitz Heilstätten sanatorium.

Firstly used to house TB sufferers, it also became a war hospital during both world wars, Hitler was treated there with a wound to his thigh during WW1.

But, it has also been the scene for grizzly murders. A killer known as The Beast Of Beelitz, real name Wolfgang Schmidt stalked the area, raping and murdering women. He was also known as The Pink Giant, after his liking for killing his victims with pink underwear.

With the amount of deaths and violent history, there's no wonder people have reported seeing shadows moving up and down hallways, doors opening and slamming of their own accord and some people even feel the temperature drop dramatically to freezing cold at any given moment.

4. York, England

One of England's oldest cities, York is said to have no less than 500 ghosts that wonder around it's streets and buildings.

35 Stonegate is said to be the most haunted, with several spirits living there. One is of a young servant woman who was raped by her Master and then murdered in a jealous rage by the Masters wife. She can be heard sobbing and sobbing in the basement of the house.

There is even the ghost of cat who was bricked into the building when work was being done and can be heard scratching around.

In 1953 Harry Martindale was a plumber who reported putting down his tools to watch a gang of Roman soldiers ghosts walk right past him. He said that the men wore green tunics and carried round shields – but at the time, that hadn't yet been discovered by historians, so many disregarded his story.

Then a few years later a Roman site was found, and the spine-tingling discovery was made that the Romans who lived there used round shields – and wore green tunics.

So were the ghosts real?! How could he have known that's what they wore!?

3. Rome, Italy

Rome is well known to have an extremely gory, violent and blood thirsty past, we've all seen Gladiator right? Yeah, that movie didn't even touch on the blood lust of the Romans, not one bit.

Firstly, they had an Emperor called Nero who loved to kill just about everyone. For no real reason. As a child he would put on a disguise and go out and kill men, throwing their bodies into the sewers. He dressed in animal skins and ran into the Colosseum, a place of torture in itself, and bit the genitals off of the people who were tied up to be killed.

Then came the execution of Locusta, a female serial killer who had killed at least seven people. Nero had a giraffe specially trained to have sex with her against her will. Following that, he had her torn apart by wild animals. Nice.

So, just with Nero alone there would be plenty of angry ghosts hanging around seeking revenge.

The Colosseum is unsurprisingly haunted after all the lives that were lost there.

The roars of the lions and tigers can be heard echoing around, crowds cheer and there has been sightings of ghostly figures sat around, watching.

Moans and cries can be heard from the prison cells where slaves and gladiators were kept before being killed for sport.

2. London, England

England's capital is crawling with ghosts, they seem to be everywhere! From the pubs, to the streets, to it's tourist attractions.

If you fancy rubbing shoulders with a ghost while you have a beer, then you must go to The Ten Bells, formally named Jack The Ripper it was renamed after the owner said the pub was haunted by the ghost of one of Jack's victims, Annie Chapman.

She isn't the only victim of Jack The Ripper that still wanders the streets. At 1.45am on 30th September 1888 a policeman discovered the severely mutilated body of Catherine Eddowes. On the anniversary of her killing the figure of the young woman is said to be seen, lying on the very spot where she took her last breath.

The mass murderer himself is said to make an appearance every New Years Eve. Local legend states that Jack killed himself by throwing himself off the Westminster Bridge into the river Thames as Big Ben's chimes rang in the New Year. Every year at the stroke of Midnight he can be seen jumping into the icy water. People say it is his eternal punishment for the brutal murders of his victims.

1. Paris, France

The city of love, a huge favorite with couples who want to take a trip away. But most probably don't know is that there's millions of dead bodies under the streets!

The Paris Catacombs were created to bury the dead, lining the dark walls of the dark passageways under the city.

Nicknamed the Empire of The Dead visitors have passed out with fear while touring the sinister looking pathways.

Shadows are seen swarming around visitors, like the dead following the living. People have been touched, grabbed and even pulled back by an unknown force.

If this place doesn't give you nightmares, I don't know what will!


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