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WARNING: Possible spoilers for The Walking Dead comics ahead.

Over the last two seasons of The Walking Dead we've drawn closer to the TV series catching up with the comic series. Currently, the show has reached the same point as issue 77 in the comics, and although the show does often deviate from the source material there is one character that we know we are getting closer and closer to meeting: Negan. However, as a recent poll shows, perhaps the audience is ready for a very different type of Negan, one with a little bit more of a feminine touch.

As with any hotly anticipated character, there has been rampant speculation over who would be best to take on the role, and a couple weeks back Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard's The Walking Dead website ran a poll to pit some popular potential Negans against each other. Of course, your standard Negan favorites Henry Rollins, Jon Hamm, Kevin Durand lead the pack, though there was also one very interesting underdog entry: a female Negan.

Despite the thought of a female Negan being a shocker to me, the option still managed to pick up 2% of the votes in the poll, beating out Chris Noth, and equaling Eli Roth, indicating that a female Negan maybe not be the craziest idea ever.

The poll suggests a Michelle Rodriguez-type, which I have to admit would be pretty cool, though if Negan was to be a woman, the first female who springs to mind is Gwendoline Christie, who plays Brienne of Tarth in Game of Thrones. At 6'3" there is no denying that Christie could make a rather imposing and terrifying Negan, not to mention she has already proven her ability to look convincing when wielding a deadly weapon in GoT.

The option in the poll also points out that the prospect isn't as crazy as it might seem, after all the show did do it in Season 5 with Douglas Monroe, the leader of the Alexandria Safe-Zone in the comics, becoming Deanna Monroe in the TV series. Despite Deanna's gender-swap, very little deviated from the comics, the character was still as strong, authoritative and totally believable as they were in the comics.

The Douglas/Deanna gender swap came after an amazing season for showcasing strong female characters in The Walking Dead, with Carol, Sasha and Michonne in particular showing time and time again that they were more than capable of ass-kicking.

But whether you're up for a Megan or a Negan we definitely still have a while to go before the character hits screens - in the comic series we don't meet Negan until issue 100, a whole 23 issues away from where the TV show currently is. But the second half of Season 5 was quite heavy on Negan hints, so we should all prepare to see the menacing villain, whether male or female, at some point in the not-so-distant future.


Could Negan ever be played by a woman?

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