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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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They say the past is another country. Looking at these creepy vintage photographs, I'm gonna say the past was another planet entirely.

Still, the human race has always been inventive, and the bizarre, freaky contraptions all had actual uses. Can you guess the intended purpose for all of these odd creations (answers given under each photo - no peeking!)

1. He's At Your Window

Answer: It's like an alarm clock - this guy was employed to tap windows with a long stick as an early wake-up call!

2. Bizarro Plushie Helmet (1925)

Answer: It's a Focus Helmet - the wearer had their hearing muffled, their vision blinkered and oxygen pumped into their nose.

3. Wet 'N' Wild (1920's)

Answer: It's a face mask to protect female swimmers from the sun

4. Despite All My Rage I'm Still Just a Kid in a Cage (1930)

Answer: It's a baby cage to allow kids in high rise apartments to get more sunlight.

5. Cat Mew (1963)

Answer: It's a device to scare away rats and mice by emitting a feline yowl.

6. Google Glass Got Nuttin On Me (1963)

Answer: They're TV Glasses - basically 60's Oculus Rift!

7. I See Your Point (1939)

Answer: These delightful creations are 'Face Cones' - they protect the face from snowstorms.

8. Hello Girls! (1910)

Answer: It's a model man built as part of early creative therapy. This one was made by psychiatric patient Katharina Detzel (pictured)

9. Bag Ladies

Answer: This was a pageant designed to judge contestants on personality rather than looks - that's one way of doing it, I guess!


Answer: This is 1930's anti-freckle treatment!


Be honest - how many did you get right?

Source: Imgur, Pinterest


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