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A lot of parents see baby monitors as essential to their child's safety at night, but perverse criminals can also hack into them for more sinister purposes that will make any parent's skin crawl.

In April 2015, a couple who wish to remain anonymous told CBS New York about a creepy male voice that was tormenting their three year old son at night and spying on his every move through the hacked baby monitor.

According to the distraught parents, they only realized the sinister presence lurking in their house when they heard a strangers voice coming from their child's room saying:

"Wake up little boy, daddy's looking for you."

It was only after this revelation that the shocked parents realized the voices their son heard in the night that they dismissed as the product of his overactive imagination were very much real. The distraught mother told CBS that:

"I started to cry in there, because it all started coming back to me, and I started figuring things out."

The thought of a complete stranger virtually standing next to your baby in the darkness is a uniquely unsettling one, and the stories of baby monitor scares below will make this eerie clip from Insidious look tame:

Another Haunting Hacking

Baby Emma on her monitor
Baby Emma on her monitor

Baby monitor hacking has appeared in the news a handful of time in recent years, but baby Emma had a particularly rough deal with a verbally abusive man screaming at her in the night.

Heather Schreck was asleep at home in Ohio when she was woken by a man's voice and was shocked to see that the camera for her high tech baby monitor was moving around. Schreck told Fox news that:

"About the time I saw it moving, I also heard a voice again start screaming at my daughter. He was screaming 'Wake up baby. Wake up baby. Then just screaming at her trying to wake her up."

When 10-month-old Emma's father, Adam, ran to the scene, the camera eerily swung toward him. He told interviewers.

"Then it screamed at me. Some bad things, some obscenities. So I unplugged the camera."

Friend Bear's Not There...

"Hopefully this fits well enough because it was a baby monitor that set it off. Okay, so my daughter is now almost two and has long since moved into her own room. We have one of those video monitor things where you can see/hear the baby on this little tv thing or you can turn the picture off and just get sound.

So one night maybe a month ago I'm sitting in bed, scrolling through reddit or something and I start hearing my daughter babbling to herself. Now, it's really late, like one or two in the morning. Much later than she is ever awake unless something is wrong and she is sick or cutting a tooth or something. So I turn the picture on the monitor on and see her standing up in her crib facing sort of diagonally away from the camera. I can see her hands in front of her but only like half of her face. Now is a good time to mention that we have been teaching her ASL since she was about 3 months old and she has been responding and conversing in sign since about 10 months.

I can see her signing things like "nice" and "silly" and "fun" and oddly enough,"no", "don't like" and "bear". Of course being the good and loving mother I am(and really not wanting to deal with an overly sleepy baby in the morning) I get up to see what the heck she is doing. When I get to her room she is still standing up and signing/babbling towards the far corner of her room. I ask her what she is doing and who she is talking to and she signs/says(as best as she can) "friend" which she does with her whole hands and not just her index fingers and signs "bear" again. I tell her that no, see Bear(who is actually one of her stuffed toys) is in bed behind her not in the corner of the room but she just giggles at me and signs/says "silly" and "mommy". I can see she is wide awake so I sit down in the rocker next to her bed and try to figure out what woke her up but all she will tell me is "friend" and "bear" and occasionally duck down like she is hiding and making shhh noises.

I finally get fed up and ask her who Friend Bear is and her response literally gave me chills because she doesn't speak well yet but she managed to say, very clearly and with the most serious face a 20 month old can pull off, "No name, no name, shhhhh".

Well now I am well and truly freaked out so I tell her to ask "No Name Friend Bear" to go home because it is too late to play and I did what any good loving mother would do. I gave her a pacifier, went back to my room, turned off the monitor entirely and hid under the overs in my room where my good and loving husband would protect me from nameless invisible bears."

By Reddit user: Redheadedbug

Ghostly Hands in the Night

"My husband went upstairs to put my son to sleep, he came back down and we started watching a movie. The window was open and we could faintly hear our neighbors' dog barking two houses down.

I look over at the video monitor (in night vision mode) and see my son standing up and a WOMAN WALK IN AND PICK HIM UP. He gladly went with her.

I was just in disbelief.

Told husband to go check, he went up there and kiddo was lying there like "trying to sleep here...what's your deal?"

He came back down and we just kindof sat there dumbfounded until we heard the neighbors dog barking again...but on the baby monitor in our sons room.

Took us about an hour to finally realize they had the same monitor as us and we were watching their kids room."

By Reddit user: MrsMordor

The Silence of the Dead

"Honest to God true story. While I could go on for hours telling stories of my uncles house, this is probably one of the strangest and most unexplainable.

So my uncle and his then girlfriend had just had my little cousin (who is now 13). He was about a week old. They get him all cozy in his crib and put the baby monitor right next to him before they go downstairs to watch some TV. He was just a baby so he couldn't walk or stand or anything, and his crib was in their room.

They're downstairs watching TV for about two hours. During that time, everything is completely silent other than the sounds of his little baby breathing noises. Eventually, they call it quits and go up to bed.

Now they have had other strange things happen in the house prior (and after) this, but this was one of the creepiest. They walk into the bedroom, and every door on every closet, every drawer, and every window was wide open. (It was on the second floor so there was no way someone had crawled in through a window silently).

The creepy part is that they didn't hear anything. If someone had broken in, there's no possible way that they could have been quiet enough that the doors wouldn't have squeaked and that no one would have heard footsteps - the monitor was sensitive enough to detect my cousins breathing.

The baby was still soundly asleep and nothing was missing."

By Reddit user: Whereisbreakfast

Dark Shadows

"I was baby sitting my niece once while I was staying at my brother's place and they had the baby camera setup so I could see her on the little tv it came with. I was studying and started dozing off when I heard some whispering and realized it was coming from the monitor, though I initially thought it was some feedback or something, but when I looked at the tv there was a dark shadow near her crib. I have never been more terrified in my life but the shadow was clearly there where it had not been before. I ran to her room and looked around and saw nothing but I took her the hell out of there. I went back to the tv and the shadow was clearly gone. I told my brother what happened and he pulled me aside and told me not to mention it to my sister in law because she'll freak out, but that he had seen that same thing several times now, with the same whispering. They stayed in that house for about 4 more years and when my niece was just learning to talk she would tell her mom about her "special friend". This to this day scares the shit out of me. When they moved out, my brother told me my niece had become inconsolably sad because she would miss her "friend". Her mom would tell her she could bring him along but all she would say was that he couldn't leave the house. We have never to this day told her about that damn shadow, and she apparently never saw it."

By Reddit user: Sam_Jam_Goose

A Fate Worse Than Death

In by far the most chilling baby monitor story I have ever read, a man from the Czech Republic unwittingly saved the children next door from a life of torture.

The man was setting up a baby monitor for his own newborn baby, when the frequencies got confused and he picked up a stomach turning image from his neighbors.

Two boys were chained naked and beaten in a basement and, after a phone call to the police, they were rescued with a variety of sickening injuries that had been inflicted upon them by their own mother.

The younger boy had been partially skinned alive in order for their mother to eat his flesh and both of the brothers had been made to cut themselves with knives.

Chillingly, the court has also heard claims that the abuse of the boys was co-ordinated by a man known only as the "Doctor" who sent mobile phone text messages detailing how to torture the boys.

Both brothers were removed by social services to safety.

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