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Now, with all the attention currently firmly on the soon-to-be-released Avengers: Age of Ultron, we'd perhaps be forgiven for paying less attention to Spider-Man's forthcoming arrival in the Marvel Cinematic Universe than would usually be true. After all, if you can't be distracted by Iron Man, then what can you be distracted by?

As it turns out, though, that lack of attention could mean we're set to miss something pretty darned huge - namely the title of the upcoming Spider-Man reboot.

Yup, that's right - if rumors are to be believed...

The Spider-Man Reboot is Set to Be Called...Spider-Man: The New Avenger

Or, at least, that's the latest (pinch of salt-attached) rumor from Umberto Gonzalez, a.k.a. professional gossip mill El Mayimbe:

Now, the big question that leaves?

Is That Really Going to Be the Movie's Title?

Sorry Andrew, it's definitely not 'Amazing' anymore
Sorry Andrew, it's definitely not 'Amazing' anymore

Well, on the one hand, it's a title that would make a whole lot of sense.

This will, after all, be the first Spider-Man movie in which he's officially a part of the MCU, so making that abundantly clear in the title would likely be a prudent move from a box-office perspective - helping the movie to attract some of the financial clout that the MCU has in spades.

It'd also, though, offer Marvel and Sony a way to lead Spider-Man into a whole new group of heroes - The New Avengers. After all, it's entirely possible that Marvel's Phase 4 won't contain a standard Avengers movie, instead shifting its focus to a new, less experienced team of heroes under the New Avengers banner. That, in turn, wouldn't take it too far away from the comic-book version of the team, which spent much of its history as a splinter group that rejected the government intervention of Civil War.

Aka, (sort of) these guys.
Aka, (sort of) these guys.

One which, as it happened, contained several soon-to-be-introduced-to-the-MCU heroes over the course of its existence, including Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Doctor Strange and Captain Marvel. If there's a re-shuffle planned for the end of Phase 3, then, that rumored Spider-Man title would indeed seem to be a very plausible one.

The Only Problem?

No, not that one.
No, not that one.

It's...kind of a clunky name - and one that could well work a whole lot better for Marvel than for Sony. After all, the implication of Spider-Man: The New Avenger is that he's very much a part of Marvel's Cinematic Universe, rather than a guest-star from Sony's.

Now, in practice, that may well end up being very much true, but the idea of allowing their flag-ship hero to be so fundamentally dependent on the Avengers may well not sit all that well with Sony.

Plus, there may just be a few (classic comic-book) names that would make for more obvious choices, including...

The Spectacular Spider-Man

Which was, after all, the title of the second-longest running Spider-Man comic-book (after The Amazing Spider-Man), and has the advantage of being a distinctly different, but studio-neutral, variation on the previous movies' titles. Which is probably why it's been so heavily rumored to be the title in recent months.

The Sensational Spider-Man

Another comic-book title that's popped up a few times over the years, Sensational may well lose out by simple virtue of not sounding quite as modern as Spectacular or Amazing. Expect it to get another chance by the time the next reboot comes around, though.

Web of Spider-Man

Another long-running Spider-title from the comics, Web of Spider-Man may well also miss out due to not quite sounding right - though the fact that its cultural currency pretty much ended in the mid-'90s might not help matters either. Expect to see it in 2031, though.

The Avenging Spider-Man

Arguably the most plausible alternative to Spectacular, Avenging Spider-Man has a lot of the advantages that Spider-Man: The New Avenger has - along with several of the downsides. So on the one hand, it'd clearly mark Spidey as being part of the Avengers, and likely help box-office takings accordingly - but on the other, it might well rub Sony the wrong way, and sounds a little awkward to boot. Though, that being said, the comic-book of the same name saw Spidey team up with a different hero each issue, and who doesn't want to see Iron Man or Cap turn up in Spidey's new solo movie?

Or, of course, Marvel and Sony could always go with...

...Ultimate Spider-Man...

...And hope that the popularity of the TV series (and comics) can translate to the big-screen. I wouldn't count on it, though...

What do you think, though?


What do you think Spider-Man's new movie should be called?



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