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It would appear that Robert Downey Jr. was having a bit of a difficult month in April, considering he stormed out of a Channel 4 interview last week when he was confronted with some rather probing questions by Krishnan Guru-Murthy.

But nothing would stop him from going all out on his birthday and it appears the Iron Man actor managed to elevate his mood by throwing one of the most epic parties of all time. All in celebration of himself, of course.

The birthday bash was so good in fact, that even Tony Stark would be jealous!

So, what happened?

Well, in honor of his fiftieth birthday, RDJ rented out an entire airplane hangar. Yes, you heard that correctly.

He even complimented the venue with performances from Steely Dan and Duran Duran. Naturally, when I heard this I wanted to uncover all of the juicy details and to my great joy, I discovered RDJ's interview with David Letterman online where he spilled the beans on his billionaire playboy-style bash.

This is how it all went:

Letterman invited the actor to talk about his most recent birthday

They humorously shared the fact that their birthdays are so close together - RDJ's is on April 4 and Letterman's is on April 12. How about that!

"What do you do for a landmark birthday?'

After all, 50 is a big deal and RDJ agrees. He said:

"You know, I'm not going to do this many more times. I threw a big party for myself."

Considering it's the big 5-0, it's naturally the high time to be indulgent. They both agreed that the next big celebration would probably be 60, or 65...

"What did you do?"

RDJ matter-of-factly replies:

"We rented out a airplane hangar [...] and then... we paid the bill."

WHAAAT!? Naturally, the audience was as intrigued as I was, so Letterman pressed on about the details:

"Where there airplanes in the hangar?"

RDJ replies jokingly:

"No there were people in there. I invited some airplanes but they couldn't make it. [...] I had two bands, I had Duran Duran play and then opened for Steely Dan."

"Steely Dan asked me to come up on stage"

When RDJ was asked by the band to come up on stage to sing 'Reelin' In The Years' with them, he shockingly forgot the words because he was so excited! So what did he do. RDJ admits:

"I kinda lip synced it to nothing!"

Tony Stark would be proud.

Watch the interview clip in full below:

Oh RDJ how we love you, can we PLEASE get an invite next year?



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