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From series Penny Dreadful, to I, Frankenstein and Frankenweenie, Mary Shelley's 1818 classic novel Frankenstein has witnessed many adaptations in recent years and still, the 19th century horror story about a grotesque, but sentient, monster never gets old.

And now another Gothic adaptation is on its way, with two very familiar faces preparing to grace our screens in October in Victor Frankenstein.

Alongside James McAvoy as the mad scientist Victor, Daniel Radcliffe dons some Victorian dress to play the villainous hunchback assistant. It seems that this time, instead of being the leading man, he has put his talent to good use as the awkward side-kick. Ron Weasley, move on over!

A new twist on a classic tale?

The story is said to be told from Igor's perspective and will take us on a journey that focuses on his troubled dark origins. It will also highlight his relationship with the young medical student Victor Von Frankenstein, before giving us a glimpse into how he became the man who went on to create the terrifying monster.

Speaking to Empire, McAvoy said of his and Radcliffe's characters:

"As much as the monster is his creation, Igor is his creation as well [...] That was quite exciting. It’s funny, the script, but also really dark, in a cool way."

It seems like this Gothic tale is going to be the best one yet!

And while until now, we had no idea what Radcliffe and McAvoy would even look like in their roles as the hunchback and mad scientist, this is all about to change.

The first set pic of Victor Frankenstein has emerged

Two exclusive shots have surfaced, giving us a momentary glimpse into what the project is setting out to look like. Take a look!

While James McAvoy looks stern and pensive as Victor, Radcliffe sports some long hair and a period costume to play the role of the villainous hunchback assistant.

There's just something quite Slytherin-esque about that greasy long-haired look, terrible posture and all-round creepy appearance, don't you think?

Having said that however, Daniel Radcliffe is probably the most handsome version of Igor I have ever seen on screen. In comparison to Marty Feldman's bulbous and crooked eyes, he is really quite a looker:

Marty Feldman as Igor
Marty Feldman as Igor

James McAvoy also looks pretty sensational with his furrowed brow and French cut beard. This is most certainly a doctor who means business!

And we can only guess what the monster will look like. No images have been released yet, but looking at the pictures above, it is safe to say we are in for a fantastically terrible treat!

Daniel Radcliffe is perfect for the role

Not only is Radcliffe the lead in one of my favorite movie franchises to date, Harry Potter, but he is also a phenomenal actor. With every movie he stars in, he seems to prove his acting ability and penchant for difficult characters. Here's my rundown of why he will do well as Igor:

1. He has starred in a period horror drama before

Take a look at his spine-tingling performance in The Woman in Black. I couldn't sleep properly for days after watching it.

2. He is used to playing the scorned outsider

When he started to resemble the devil one day in the movie Horns, everyone avoided him like the plague. Igor is similarly grotesque.

3. It's his turn to be the loyal side-kick!

He's always been the leading man, now it's his turn to try something a little different.

4. Fantasy and the supernatural themes are his forte

After all, he is one of the greatest wizards of our time!

5. He fully embraces every single role he puts his mind to

He's not even afraid to try out a weave.

6. He is the ultimate sex symbol

We haven't had an Igor we can call that yet, have we?



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