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The thing about aging is, no-one wants to do it, and sadly some people age badly, while some people seem to hold the secret of eternal youth.

Take the 30 celebrities I'm about to show you, time has been good to some, and, quite frankly, awful to others. Look at the photos and guess their age, I bet you'll be shocked by the real ages of some of them.

Happy guessing!

1. Amber Heard

The Rum Diaries actress is very mature, outspoken and opinionated but she is actually just ____ years old.


2. Leonardo DiCaprio

It seems like Leo has been a film star forever, but he still looks really young. If the ___-year-old isn't going to receive an Oscar for his acting, can they give him a "the actor who never ages" award?!


3. Margot Robbie

With all her Hollywood glamour and sex appeal it's hard to think Margot is only ___!


4. Lucy Liu

I bet no-one said over 40, let alone ___! Lucy still looks every bit the Charlie's Angel.


5. Jared Leto

The newest Joker looks like a teenager but is actually ___!


6. Kate Winslet

It's been awhile since Kate told Leo to never let go, but she doesn't look much older! She is fact ____!


7. Sandra Bullock

Hard to think Sandra turned the big ___ last year! She might have starred in Speed, but she's aging anything but speedily!


8. Salma Hayek

I'm pretty sure Salma must be a real vampire and wasn't just acting as one in From Dusk Till Dawn. A human can't look this good at ___ can they?!


9. Ellen Page

X-Men star Ellen was actually 20 when she starred in Juno, playing a young teenage mother-to-be. She is now actually ____!


10. Halle Berry

Storm from X-Men is ____. So, Catwoman is also ____......WTF!


11. Johnny Depp

Will this man ever begin to age?! Still able to play characters 20 years younger than his ___-year-old self, he probably needs make up to play someone his own age!


12. Brad Pitt

One of the most famous men in Hollywood, married to one of Hollywood's most beautiful women and looks half his age. ___-year-old Brad seems to get all the luck!


13. Tom Cruise

With a reputation of being a bit crazy... maybe Scientology isn't all that bad if you look this good at ____. But I don't think I want to risk it....


14. Ralph Macchio

This BLEW MY MIND! Daniel LaRusso from The Karate Kid is ___! He looks so young he could have starred in the 2010 version and been believable!


15. Michelle Pfeiffer

Barely looking a day older than when she hit the big screen in 1980, Michelle is now ___ and is still one of Hollywood's most beautiful women.


16. Denzel Washington

The American Gangster actor is, I'm not even kidding, ___. I guessed 40... but?!


17. Chuck Norris

It's not surprise this man won't age badly. He's Chuck Norris, he's ____, and he's going to outlive us all...because he's Chuck Norris.


18. Brigitte Bardot

Time hasn't been too kind to THE pin-up sex symbol of the 1960s, although she is now ___ so you have to think she does look kinda good for a woman of that age.


19. Melanie Griffith

Due to a little botched tweaking by the surgeon, Melanie looks a bit older than her ___ years.


20. Carrie Fisher

The Science Fiction fans' favorite, Princess Leia herself hasn't kept the figure she once had. But at ___ she isn't looking too bad, is she?


21. Jennifer Aniston

The woman who gave every girl around the world hair envy when she started in Friends looked just as good then as she does now. At ___ I'm pretty confident she knows where the Fountain of Youth is, and showers in it every single morning.


22. Meryl Streep

The three time Academy Award winning actress should win the best skin in the world award. Glamorous at ___, you go Meryl!


23. Dylan McDermott

Tall, dark, handsome and...___?! I don't know what's scarier, the fact he looks so good for his age or the parts he plays in American Horror Story...


24. Jim Parsons

You have to hand it to him, not many people could play a College Graduate at the age of ___ and be believable!


25. Elijah Wood

Remember the movie North when Bruce Willis dresses as a pink bunny and Elijah was in it like 20 years ago? Yeah, he hasn't aged since then...and he's now ___!


26. Sharon Stone

What else can be said about this woman apart from 'she looks amazing'?! And at ___ she could still turn just as many heads as she could in her Basic Instinct days.


27. Julianne Moore

Doing her thing for beautiful redheads everywhere, Julianne looks incredible for her age, ___.


28. Keanu Reeves

There must be a glitch in the Matrix that just stops Keanu from looking any older! I never would have guessed he was ___!


29. Helen Hunt

Looking like this at ___ is probably As Good As It Gets... come on, it's a pretty good pun.


30. Paul Rudd

Maybe laughter is the best medicine?! For ___ he looks great. He still looks like he did in Clueless!



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