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Cosplay can be seen as a bit of a joke by those who aren't into the scene, but a Welsh photographer has tried to immortalize cosplayers with cinematic photos that bring their craft to life.

Antt1 Karpp1nen visited the Cardiff Film and Comic Con 2015 in Wales to truly celebrate the cosplaying community. He wrote:

"Two days straight, over 2000 pictures, over 200 different characters. Just amazing. And all this just as my own project and giving back to these guys that truly deserve all the attention possible. Without them these events would be basically nothing."

The results from the epic shoot are truly stunning, as you can see from the sumptuous shots below:


Tank Girl


The Joker

The Red Queen

Mary Poppins

Assassins Creed



Poison Ivy

(Source: Fashionably Geek via Antt1 Karpp1nen)


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