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It's common knowledge that one of Hollywood's golden couples, Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield are over, but new rumors are emerging that it could be because Garfield cheated on his ex-girlfriend while filming in Taiwan.

Star Magazine, who was the first to publish rumors of discontent with the couple, so by extension, may have a reliable insider source wrote that:

“Andrew cheated on Emma with a girl in Taiwan, where he is shooting Martin Scorsese’s new movie,” reveals a source close to the couple. “He confessed to Emma and she was horrified. She broke up with him right away.”

The couple had been going through a rough patch for a while. With Andrew thousands of miles away, it had been harder for them to communicate. And within the past month, the source says, “Emma noticed that Andrew was acting different – more distant.” When she asked him what was wrong, he tried to come up with excuses. “At first, he blamed all his stress on filming the movie, but then he broke down.”

Andrew told Emma that he’d had a one-night stand with a girl he’d met at a bar. “Emma was shocked…she can’t trust him anymore. She is starting to think that there may have been other girls too. She never thought that Andrew would do this to her and now she feels like she never really knew him.”

Meanwhile, Andrew is even angrier at himself than Emma is.

“He made such a big mistake,” says the source, who reveals Andrew has been ‘drunk dialing’ Emma and begging for another chance. “Andrew’s inconsolable… Emma loves him, but she’s standing firm. She thinks that the fact he cheated just shows how much they needed a break.”

I guess we will never know if this is the truth or just the whispers of sharp tongued gossips, but we will never know from the former couple themselves. Nobody, not least a celebrity, is generally keen on speaking out about the humiliation of being cheated on or caving to lustful urges.

It is certainly one explanation for why there were sudden breakup confirmations in all crooks and crannies of the media.


Do you think Andrew Garfield really cheated on Emma Stone?

(Source: Celebitchy via Star Magazine)


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