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Now, when it comes to social media awesomeness, there aren't too many leading actors around who're more consistently geek-joy-inducing than Ryan Reynolds. The Deadpool star - who only opened his Twitter account a matter of months ago - has regularly proven himself both a master of sarcastic, Deadpool-like quips, and a reliable leaker of images.

His latest tweet, though, might just be the most revealing yet - as it seems to reveal either some serious damage to the actor himself, or the aftermath of a particularly bad day for Deadpool.

The question now? Which one is it?

On the one hand, you'd have to think that the movie's insurance policy wouldn't actually allow Reynolds to get into quite so bad a shape as that - but on the other, it sure has seemed like he's been doing a whole lot of his own stunts and fight sequences, so it's entirely possible that he's not escaped entirely unscathed.

The most important thing, though?

Deadpool's Looking More and More R-Rated By the Day

Which, considering the sort of beloved ultra-violence that bursts out of every page of the comic, is definitely a good thing for fans...

I mean, just imagine that level of bloody violence, combined with the humor-filled awesomeness of this clip:

That's just an all-around good time...

What do you think, though?



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