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I have a weird personality just go with it :P

"Oh gee, I'm so bored with my life. So I'm going to completely ruin someone else's hard work by grabbing a turd and smearing it all over the canvas!" Short term: YES THAT IS WHAT YOU ARE DOING. I can't even fathom how people thrive over such smut and bull. But lets go all the way back to where this started as a little damn thorn in the communities side (before it became the abscess cyst of entertainment). Now..if I were to point the finger of blame- Creepy Pasta. Yeah you and your stupid "omg haunted Pokemon" crap started this domino effect and now franchises are paying for it. How are they paying for it you ask? A good..small percentage knows a joke when it's bitch slapping them in the face but just like what theatre taught me "The audience are our idiots." Which I never hoped that to be true but people really do make it too easy. For instance, I can make you believe that "Mufasa" is not really "Mufasa" but an animated version of the late Walt Disney . And Simba isn't really Simba but the animators of the franchise and their process of the grief they endured of his sudden passing of lung cancer, which explains why theirs so much smoke around him when he dies. Scar represents how Don Bluth took his evil vengeance on Disney by completely sucking at the box office A.K.A the pride lands "ooooooohhhh!" And Nala represents the Disney fa- you know what I am getting way too off topic to even know where I'm going with this rant...EH FUCK IT.


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