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In TV and Film there are many huge and poplar franchises that make men scream like girls with excitement, women feel the power of independence and children cry with laughter. The Hunger Games, Twilight, Spider-Man and The Walking Dead are titles you see coming up again and again. However some genius on YouTube has taken some of this footage and using their keen eye has changed the words that are coming out of their mouths in hilarious and random ways.

Edward and Bella.

We saw a love story unfold between a vampire and a human girl intertwined with prophecy and warring factions. How could this be made comical? Well just check out the video below for yourself.

Personally I would say it was much more entertaining than the romantic words spoken by the pair throughout the franchise. I especially love the beginning talking about mice.

Peter and Gwen.

Gwen Stacy finally got her time with Peter and we saw his original love story play out on the big screen. However the genius behind the videos has chosen some brilliant moments to completely change their moments from the film.

Now you have to admit, the reactions of Gwen are perfect in this video. I especially love Peter's free-style in the video and how she reacts to it.

Catching Fire.

Katniss is not just the sweat heart of the Capitol but has also stolen the hearts of movie fans in the Hunger Games movies. However I bet you never thought you'd hear the cast saying these things!

Well there could be the sequel after Mockingjay Part 2. Not a prequel of past games or how the Capitol gained control over the districts, instead we see the rise and fall of their band as they tour the nation!

The Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead is one of the most serious Zombie franchises to emerge in a long time. However after watching this you may never look at the Walkers the same way again.

So do you like skunks and sharks also? Apart from the brilliant lip syncing with the Walkers, I love the Broadway Musical sang by the Governor. We also now know why Shane and Dale had issues back in series 2.


This final video was just for a final few giggles from you readers. The creator has dozens of videos on their YouTube account and if you found these entertaining I would recommend checking them out.


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