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On Friday, David Ayer released a photo of Jared Leto as the Joker on Twitter, and the backlash towards it has been unreal. It's hard to find many people who have had a positive reaction towards it. Honestly, I think it's pretty cool. Sure, at face value it may have a very 'Hot Topic-y' feel to it as many people have said, but when it comes down to it, this is a down to earth, real Joker. I will say though, if this is what Ayer describes as majestic, I don't particularly want to know what he's afraid of.

Insane much?
Insane much?

So, after that, let's begin:

The Joker is a character that has so many facets that it leaves incredible amounts of room for adaptation and expansion. When Nicholson portrayed the Joker, he captured the classic grin and comedic aspect if the character, while Ledger's Joker portrayed the lunacy of the character, and his darkness.

Now enough about the character and his previous adaptations, and let's focus on THIS Joker. To begin, the color of the picture has a good feel. I love the green hair, and I feel like they captured that perfectly. Now as for his skin, I have seen several mixed reactions towards how white his skin is. Some people say it's perfect, while others say it isn't white enough. Based upon his origin in the movie, it could go either way. If they use the classic 'vat of chemicals' gig, then I believe that his skin is perfect. To begin, it's nearly the same white as the white of his eyes, and provides the perfect tone for somebody whose skin has been bleached. I believe that if they make it any whiter, then they will be forced to go with the makeup mentality, and avoid the chemical accident. Look, we should have known he was going to have tattoos from the get-go. As soon as they came out and revealed that our Joker was going to be a more muscular Joker, I began wondering whether or not he would end up having tattoos like the Miller/Lee adaptation of the character. Therefore, I think the tattoos are awesome. It's hard to imagine a character who has spent so much hard time NOT having tattoos. Though he is the 'Clown Prince of Crime', the tattoo's don't take away from that classy character, rather, they delve deeper into the levels of his insanity. Not to mention the ring he is wearing on his pinky finger, which adds a very 'classy, boss of crime' feel to the photo. The classy aspect of his character will come into play when dealing with his suit, and his interactions with other characters, especially Harley. And as far as the teeth go, I'm sure Batman would've knocked those front teeth out more than a few times in all of their encounters, so the fillings don't phase me.

All in all, I get a very good feel from this picture, and I am all the more hopeful for Leto's portrayal of the character. It kind of reminds me of the Joker we got in Arkham Origins, and I can hear Troy Baker's creepy Joker laugh accompanied with this interpretation of the Joker. Sure, it may take some getting used to for many fans, but this picture captures the essence of the Joker in the vastness of his character. From the HA tattoos, and all the grinning tattoos, to the open, glaring eyes, to the classic Killing Joke pose, and the open mouth, I feel like Ayer and Leto have, in a single image, managed to express the whole view of such a complex yet awesome character, which is a feat worthy of recognition.


After taking Leto's Joker at more than face-value, do you think he has the chance to be the best Joker yet?


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