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Since the announcement of a Suicide Squad film debuting in late 2016, the rogue DC fans of the world have been at the edge of their seats, but will the film be worth all the anticipation?

Not much at all has been released about the alleged film, but on April 24th, David Ayer tweeted,"The Suicide Squad wishes you a Happy Anniversary Mr. J!" followed by this picture of Jared Leto dressed as the latest depiction of the Joker:

Following this tweet, controversy ensued across the web. This new rendition of The Joker took many off guard. In previous films, The Joker has been depicted more traditionally, following the comics and older artist renditions more closely. This latest version of course is far from traditional.

As many know, The Joker character is designed to resemble the jesters found on joker cards in playing card decks, hence the white makeup, green clown-like hair, and the wide, bright red angular grin (crude and made up of scars in some depictions). In all of the comics, the films and the video games up until this point, chaos has always followed The Joker. In his wake is commonly found his calling card, a joker playing card.

The biggest issue with the Leto Joker is that he does not look like the clown-like jester found in playing card decks, and therefore unlike the traditional depictions of The Joker. This appearance was the core of this character's image, and is the reason why he is referred to as The Joker. Instead, Leto's Joker looks much more like Marilyn Manson went shopping at Hot Topic. With the various tattoos, especially the two mouths (on the right arm and left hand) that more so resemble the mouth of the traditional Joker rather than this rendition, it's almost as if the Leto Joker is The Joker's punk son trying to fill his father's shoes.

One thing is for certain; the insanity is still there. From the picture we can at least tell that The Joker character is still just as absurdly out of his mind as he ever has been. With the tattoo across his forehead reading "Damaged" and the purple surgical glove only on his right hand he looks like he has just emerged from an institution, and his manic body language gives the impression he has just torn out of a straight jacket. Despite the major revision, Ayer wasn't playing around.

Needless to say, many fans are uncertain about this change and how it will affect the personality of the character, but this may not necessarily be a bad thing. It will certainly be interesting to see where this new model of The Joker goes, and for that matter, what other new and creative takes David Ayer will have on the various members of The Suicide Squad. Without a doubt, no one will expect what Ayer has coming for his audience.


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