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From the makers of the highly popular Nightwing: The Series comes the first video in the studio's newest series entitled "1-Minute Mash-Ups," which pit two super-human fighters against each other for a Smash Bros-esque brawl.

In this first episode, you can check out none other than the fan-favorite comic book version of Deadpool against the less popular version of Deadpool from X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Check it out!

Check back with them next time for 'Arrow vs. Hawkeye'! I got the chance to get a quick word in with Danny Shepherd, the man behind the scenes on all of Ismahawk Studios' productions, take a look:

What inspired you to start the match-ups videos?

We had a lot of inspirations for Minute-Match-Ups. The desire to see some of our favorite characters go head to head is of course a the biggest reason! Since the videos are only targeted at a minute long, we can produce them much more quickly and efficiently. The goal behind this is so we can make Match-Ups that we love and are passionate about while we work on short films/ web series’ that we believe deserve more time and attention!

With next episode's 'Green Arrow vs. Hawkeye,' which versions of the characters can we hope to see (TV or Comics)?

Like what we did with our web-series (Nightwing: The Series) We hope to combine bits and pieces of the characters from multiple mediums. Since it’s a fight we want to take some of the characters most memorable and bad ass moments into account! But overall they will be more truthful to their comic book/ animated roots. So expect Green Arrow to be cracking jokes as with his trademark robin hood mustache and goatee while Hawkeye quips with his comicbook style mask!

What future match-ups can we expect to see?

We have a couple ideas in mind for future Match-Ups, but nothing set in stone right now. We want to hear what the fans want to see and start putting them together from there. Finding out what our audience wants is one of the big reasons we are doing these match-ups. Truthfully we listen to our fans feedback and demands for every project… especially the big ones we have coming up!

This opening shot also could tease future episodes, with characters from the Avengers, Justice League, X-Men, Dragonball, Smash Bros, Avatar, Assassin's Creed, and many more all on the table for the future of the match-ups! Look over the roster below and comment with what battle YOU would want to see. Ismahawk Studios are huge fans of MoviePilot, and I will personally be sure to tell them your ideas. Who knows? They just might decide to make your battle idea a reality.

Deadpoop vs Deadpool
Deadpoop vs Deadpool


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