ByJoanne Povall, writer at

I don't see anything wrong with having tattoos on the joker. I think that it adds just a little bit of a modern twist. Over the years there have been many twists on the character. Would it really be that bad if he had some tattoos. I think it gives him a new look and the tattoos all tie in with the fact that he is the joker what with the comic book text of his laugh. I think that they look amazing and I would happily have this gentlemen as the joker. That what I think.

No matter what people are going to change what the joker looks like whether we like it or not. Are really going to start hatting on such an amazing character just because of a few tattoos and stuff. Yeah we all have a preference on what he looks like but we cant stop progress and the imagination of other people. Its not fair and we wouldn't want people to do it to our fan art and what we see our hero's and villains.

That What I Think.


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