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Greetings folks! Some of you may have noticed that last night, I started a fun little game among Moviepilot writers that I decided to call ! The basics of the game are that you have to create your own movie, complete with a basic plot, setting, and a few basic characters so that another target Creator or staff writer can fan-cast it.

I started out by tagging the brilliant TJ Smith, and he definitely delivered some awesome casting decisions (that you can check out here). After he cast my make-shift super-hero flick, he tagged me back with an interesting futuristic film which he has titled Vicissitude. Here is a basic run-down of the plot that TJ provided:

The Year 2088 the world once again was thrown into chaos as an organization of scientist, engineers, soldiers, and politicians from all over the globe set off a chain of events that threaten to destroy the united front and globe peace that the world has enjoyed for nearly 50 years. The organization known as Vicissitude has made it clear that they will not be stopped no matter what the price. With their advances in medical sciences they created a compound known only as “Formula V” it is the newest weapon in a war to change the fate of the world.

The only reprieve that the World Council has is that Formula V only seems to work on only 1 out of every 1000 people who are injected with it. What makes Formula V so dangerous is the unpredictability of the drug. Not every person is lucky enough to survive the process but randomly some finds themselves forever changed with incredible new abilities. and with the capture of one of Vicissitudes scientist the Council has been able to replicate the Formula…

Sounds pretty cool right? The basic concept of the idea got me excited, seeing as it has a very dystopian/sci-fi take to it. Along with the above information, TJ provided quite a few characters for me to cast. For the sake of simplicity, I'm going to take this one at a time.

Chancellor Javier Estrada 58, Flagstaff Arizona, Former Navy Rear Admiral, and Director of Finance for the United States of America. Charismatic, Smart, very liberal.

Starting me off with a bit of a challenge eh? Charismatic, smart, and somewhat late in years. He has to be a man of import as well to carry the title of 'Director of Finance'. This one took a bit of thought, but I ultimately ended up with...

Edward James Olmos! You may know him as Robert Gonzales in the current season of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., but many know him from movies and shows like Blade Runner and Battlestar Galactica. Olmos fits the age and the intelligence of the character perfectly. While he has an inherently surly look, I'm sure he could pull off the charismatic vibe.

Now time for fan-cast number 2:

Major Helena Rourke 29, Edmonton Alberta Canada, Army Intelligence and Officer in Charge of Formula V Project. First successful test subject by World Council. Stern, Smart, Not to be taken lightly in a fight. Abilities include: Vitakinesis-ability to heal damage on biological creatures, such as healing wounds, curing sickness, and healing other injuries.

Well this one is a lot easier than the first one. The warrior woman archetype is gaining popularity quickly, so there are many talented actresses to choose from. Given the stern yet smart description, my final choice is going to be...

Ginnifer Goodwin! You may recognize her as the actress currently playing Snow White in ABC's Once Upon a Time. She is obviously smart, and despite her bubbly appearance in Once Upon a Time, she can be very stern when she needs to be. As for the fighting part, well, would you start a fight with her? She looks quite scrappy.

Time for round three!

Bronson Cole 27 Major League Baseball Player for the Baltimore Orioles Third Baseman. A bit of a hot shot pretty boy, can be reckless but fearless in the face of danger. Abilities Include: Teleportation-ability to move from place to place virtually undetected up to 40 feet from the users place of origin if moving solo, but if accompanied by someone else can only jump 15 feet at a time.

Hot-shot you say? Pretty boy you say? Well this one I could name off the top of my head. Who else but...

Chris Pine! Chris has the obvious pretty-boy persona with the physical build that could pull off a MLB player. Not to mention his portrayal as Jim Kirk on J.J. Abrams' Star Trek movies hits all of those points perfectly, including the reckless but fearless in the face of danger.

I think I'm getting the hang of this? Who do I have next?

Andrei Denikin 17 Russian high school kid, loves tagging and skateboarding, a bit childish at times but tough as nails. Abilities Include: Gravitokinesis- ability to control or generate gravity. Andrei can use his ability to glide from the ground or down to it but at a rather slow speed. he can also affect the gravity of those around him to make them weightless or weigh over a ton among other things.

Oooooh, casting a younger actor, this is always fun. My first reaction was to shoot straight for Dylan O'Brian from The Maze Runner or Asa Butterfield from Ender's Game. Eventually I had to settle on an actor who I had just watched recently, and that would be...

Evan Peters! Evan is perhaps most known for playing Fox's version of Quicksilver in X-Men: Days of Future Past. As the silver speedster, he got to show the childish part of himself, and you can tell he's pretty tough as well. He looks the part of a typical high-school upper-classman, and I could definitely see him grinding away on a skateboard. Sure he's not technically Russian, but hey, he's an actor. He can act Russian.

Sun-Hi Pin 23 Korean Chef, Passionate Leader of the team, headstrong and quick thinking. Abilities Include: Physical Anomaly-ability to alter the composition and density of her body, she normally uses this ability to harden her skin to deflect damage, or to turn her hands into blades.

Man, this one is difficult. I actually don't know any Korean actresses except for two, and one of them is in her thirties, no I'm going to have to go with...

Claudia Kim! You might recognize her as Dr. Helen Cho in Avengers: Age of Ultron. I honestly just chose her because she is the only Korean actress I'm familiar with other than Yunjin Kim from Lost, but she is a very talented actress, and she would make a wonderful passionate leader.

Jasper Kane 47 Chicago Illinois Leader of Vicissitude and former member of the World Council. Smart, Vicious, bent on destroying everything that the World Council stands for. Abilities Include: Chlorokinesis-ability to control plants making some grow and become pliable to his will.

Ooooh, villains! I love casting villains! Smart and vicious, yet late forties. Honestly, this incredible actor is much younger than 47, but heck, he is just an amazing actor. He has the smart and vicious thing down to a tee, and for that reason, Jasper Kane will be...

Benedict Cumberbatch! Honestly, if I ever had the opportunity to make a movie, Cumberbatch would be in it, no questions asked. It's like how Samuel L. Jackson is in all of the Tarantino movies (minus Reservoir Dogs) and Sharlto Copley is associated with Neil Blomkamp. I've never watched an actor quite like Cumberbatch before, and he sure makes a heck of a villain!

The next one cometh!

Takeshi Ito 58 Japanese Yakuza hitman, bored of his handlers he executed them all and began a solo journey around the globe until he ran into Kane and became a member of Vicissitude. Abilities Include: Audiokinesis-ability to to control soundwaves, he can either cancel out all sound around him basically rendering all in his opponent's within range deaf, or if he so chooses screeching at glass shattering pitches that can immobilize targets.

I honestly didn't have to read past "Japanese" and "hitman" before I had my mind set. I mean seriously, who wouldn't choose...

Hiroyuki Sanada! I've been a fan of this guy since Rush Hour 3, where he played, you guessed it, a hitman! Most recently I loved him in The Wolverine. Sure, the movie wasn't the best that it could possibly be, but Sanada's acting was still superb. Not to mention he's 55, so he's not far off the age mark.

Ready for the next one? Well here we go!

Sophia Vasquez 19 Mexico, Once teen idol and rising star of television turned to a life of crime after brutally murdering the man that raped her. Vicissitude offered her a new life and she gladly joined the cause. Abilities Include: Mind Control-ability to affect the emotions of anyone she focuses on, she can make a 300 pound raging pit fighter fall to the ground in tears or cause the most mentally stable person to see unreal horrors.

Darn, this one had me stumped. I'm not familiar with many teenage Mexican actresses, but after some deep thought I ended up with going with safe bet:

Victoria Justice! Okay, honestly, I know next to nothing about this actress. I think I've watched one or two episodes of her TV show, and that's it. However, she's young, she technically has Mexican heritage, and she has the teen idol look, so there you go.

Hopefully this next one will be a little easier.

Waitimu Bankole 21 Kenya Africa, former child soldier Waitimu went on to lead a revolution in Africa that caught Kanes attention, his ruthless battle sense aside Waitimu is a natural leader and a true force to be reckoned with. Abilities Include: Substance Secretion-ability to make various poisons in his own body and secrete them from his skin, his favorites are those that create burning and paralyzing effects.

Interesting. The descriptions specifically mentions a young man from Kenya. Well there is a large number of talented Kenyan actors, but the one I've decided to go with is...

Edi Gathegi! While the name may not be instantly familiar with you, chances are that you've watched a movie with him in it, whether it is X-Men: First Class, Twilight, or even several episodes of House M.D. Edi was born in Kenya, and he hold a sense of menacing authority around him that could pass him off as a natural leader.

So those are my choices TJ! I hope you like them, but for my next target, I'm setting my sights on the incredible Shadan Syed!

Here is your fictional movie to fan-cast:

Shards of Space

In this sci-fi thriller, a female human bounty hunter named Kell is on a job when she finds a mysterious gemstone that seems to hold space itself inside. She the gem brings nothing but trouble to her (naturally) and she is soon picked up by a foreign starship that takes her away from Earth.

The pilot of the ship, a scoundrel named Aris, informs her that the gem is one of the building blocks of creation, and is the gem is reunited with the other two of its kind, the wielder will be able to reforge the universe at will. Together, they search to find the remaining two gems before an evil reptilian creature named Vraiz can seize the power for himself.


  • Kell Summers - A spunky young 26 year old that is known to be a terrific bounty hunter. She is not one to shy away from danger, and she has proven her bravery and prowess in battle.
  • Aris - A 29 year old rebellious male with a love for combat. He always carries his trusty sword, which he certainly knows how to use. He's calm but confident, and able to handle any challenge that comes his way.
  • Vraiz - The typical power-hungry maniac who not only wants to rule the world, but change it to his liking.
  • Pip - A young girl that stows away on the ship part-way through the film. She yearns for adventure, and wants to prove that she can fend for herself.
  • Tarsa - Vraiz's lieutenant, Tarsa is cold and calculating. She never makes a decision before first weighing all possible outcomes.
  • Elric Arr - Elric is Kell's cousin who comes after her once she goes missing. Little does she know that he has made an arrangement with Vraiz to acquire the gem by any means necessary.

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