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I'm sure you often wonder if one celeb's name is his real one or not. Sometimes, we can get confused, since famous people change their names for multiple reasons. Their real name is difficult to pronounce. They don't like their real name. They have a nickname. They got teased for their names in school, etc.

So, I've compiled some of the real celebs' names, that you could never think of.

1. Katy Perry

Dark Horse singer Katy Perry is born Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson. She got her mother's maiden name cause she didn't want people to cofuse her with actress Katy Hudson.

2. Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman's real name is Natalie Hershlag

3. Miley Cyrus

You thought that was her real name? Yeah, okay, Cyrus is her real last name, but Miley comes from her nickname "Smiley Miley". Her birth name is Destiny Hope Cyrus (it seems like that name is her stage one, right?) and she changed her name when she was 15.

4. Lana Del Ray

Born to Die singer is originally named Elizabeth Grant.

5. Demi Moore

We may know and love her as Demi Moore, but her real name is Demetria Guynes. She got the last-name "Moore" from her ex-husband, which she decided to keep.

6. Blake Lively

Blake Lively adopted her mother's last name, but her real name is Blake Ellender Brown.

7. Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise's name is Thomas Cruise Mapother IV

8. Olivia Wilde

Olivia Wilde dropped her last name Cockburn and adopted the last name Wilde (of Oscar Wilde) to honor the writers in her family.

9. Jamie Foxx

Jamie Foxx= Eric Marlon Bishop

10. Elizabeth Banks

Hunger Games' Elizabeth Banks' real name is Elizabeth Mitchell

11. Nicki Minaj

'Anaconda' singer Nicki Minaj's real name is Onika Tanya Maraz. Well, at least, she kept most of the letters same.

12. Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage= Nicolas Kim Coppola

13. Tina Fey

Tina Fey's real name is Elizabeth Stamatina Fey.

She didn't change, that much, her name.

14. Vin Diesel

'Fast & Furious' Vin Diesel's real name is pretty lovely. Mark Sinclair Vincent. You kinda hopped that Vin Diesel was his real name, right?

15. Julianne Moore

Julianne Moore= Julie Anna Smith

I guess she wanted her first and middle name close.

16. Portia De Rossi

Ellen DeGeneres' wife Portia De Rossi's real name is Amanda Lee Rogers. Who would have thought?

17. Lea Mitchele

Lea Michele didn't change her name....exactly. She just left out her last name -Safrati. As she once stated, she didn't like because some kids in school teased her about it.


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