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Before we get into this, I would like to clarify that this is a non-spoiler review, if you wish to see my spoiler review, then click on my profile and click on the post!

The first Avengers film have given us something we have never seen before, which was the culmination of the first phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and it was something very special indeed, and this movie did the same thing, only this time, it went one step further!



My biggest positive of the movie has to be Ultron, overall I have been concerned about MCU villains, the only good one I can recall is Loki. And before this movie came out, I was again concerned about the villain, but those concerns are long gone! I was so impressed with how Joss Whedon dealt with this character. Ultron was menacing, articulating, calculating, and in some ways, had a very similar personality to Tony Stark, which would make sense. James Spader makes the character come alive with his bad-ass voice, matching perfectly with Ultrons personality.

The overall story of this film was fantastic, it starts out with high octane action, and for the most part of the movie it kept up the pace, the story was easily engaging and intriguing, which make things much easier when progressing with the story. There are elements of the first film that is transferred straight into this film, but is that such a bad thing?

The Avengers Team
The Avengers Team

Another big positive on the film was the natural progression of the teams cohesion, in the first film, they bounced off each other so well, the dialogue made the film seem more fluid, made the funny moments funnier, and the dark scenes even darker, this would be credit to both the fantastic script, and the brilliant acting by the actors and actress. Also some of the smaller characters get some more screen time than fans expected, and it was very well done, they went into background stories of these characters which was very intriguing.


Despite the positives of the film, there is one great big negative that I have with the film. And that is that the phase 2 solo films do not stitch up with this Avengers film. Why does Tony Stark have a suit similar to Iron Man 3 when he apparently retired from it at the end of the film? What has happened with Captain America and his hunt for the Winter Soldier? Why did Nick Fury burn his eye patch at the end of Captain America 2 when he clearly needed it in this film? The only one that works for me is Thor, because at the end of his movie he wanted to give up the throne and focus on protecting the realms, and joining the Avengers would be the best way to go about it. However with the other characters, it does not make sense, a simple 10 second clip from each character explaining their progression from where they were at the end of their solo movies to where they are now would have been perfect, but unfortunately it did not happen.

Another negative for me is that (Just like the first one) is that they slightly overdid the humour for me, I felt this tone in all of the Phase 2 films, apart from Captain America: Winter Soldier, which was well balanced, and this film should have aspired to be like that Captain America 2, regarding the humour. Sometimes the jokes worked, and I laughed, but sometimes the jokes did not, and this decreased the overall emotion of the scene, which make me wonder why that joke was in their in the first place. This is a very small negative, but one I have to address.


Despite the negatives, this for me, is the best MCU film so far (With Captain America: Winter soldier coming at a very close second)! It has fantastic action sequences, a brilliant story line, excellent chemistry between the Avengers characters, and a menacing villain to round it all off! I consider this to be a must-see for all movie fans!

So have you seen this film, if so comment below and let me know what you think!


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