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Hello MP, if your not familiar with this game it's a variation of the tag but in this one you have to fan cast what ever movie plot has been presented to you. Here are the rules:

You have to come up with a basic concept of a movie, including plot, setting, and a few basic characters.

You have to tag another MP Creator or staff writer with the above information.

It then becomes the target Creator/Staff Writer's job to fan-cast this hypothetical movie which you have devised.

Okay Mr. Mark "Birdy" Robirds Jr. your up lets see what you got for us...


1927 Chicago Illinois, magic is the flavor of the week. In a world were mysticism and spiritual enlightenment are the norm a hard-nosed retired police detective with a checkered past opens up a private eye firm with the help of the daughter of his deceased partner that was murdered on the job. Know one knows who or why he was killed, but with the ritualistic manner of the way his body was displayed in the center of town coupled with the quick closing of the case there was know way that Teddy was gonna let this go quitely.


Detective Theodore "Teddy" Russo: 47 Retired cop, heavy drinker and user of voo doo but only as a last resort as he feels the more he uses it the closer to death he becomes.

Janice Marino: 22 daughter of Teddy's murdered partner Luke Marino. Dropped out of Pepperdine University where she was studying to become a Lawyer to help Teddy solve her fathers murder.

Chief Brenda Jaworski: 49 Police Chief and on the take from the local magic underground namely the ruling class known as the Sorcery Unchained.

Layla Dubois: 27 from Baton Rouge, Junkie and informant for Teddy. Well rounded magic abilities that are enhanced after receiving her fix.

Donald Lombardi: 37 Head of shaman of Sorcery Unchained, practicing necromancer and seerer.

Luke Marino: 45 deceased partner of Teddy and father of Janice. Killed while following a lead on Sorcery Unchained, or was he...

I love a good detective mystery thriller so i'm looking forward to your casting good luck.


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