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Hello. Nearly a week and a half was released the 1st trailer for Batman vs Superman. While I watched it, I thought it would show at least a small part of the battle between them but I was wrong. The trailer lasted nearly three minutes, but all I saw was just tossing glances and an explosion. I expected a bit more but what to do. After all the trailer was good. Maybe I was not so excited about it because I am not very big fan of DC comics but for me it is okay.

After I saw it, I started to search for peoples reactions and the results were like that. ( I uploaded these videos because I don't have words to describe what I saw)

I fall from my chair when I saw these people reactions. Some of them were just so funny, I couldn't stop to laugh.

Again good trailer not like I was expecting to be but it's okay.

So that was everything for now guys, I also want to know what do you think in the comments and see you later.


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