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marvel is awesome..and i want everyone to know about it
Taufeeq Hussain

Everyone has watched [Captain America: The Winter Soldier](tag:254973) ...some might have seen it but most of everyone might have missed it...

So here is the scene which i wanted to tell you guys...when cap and black widow escape from the big explosion at zolas lab. and approach Falcons falcon for help...the three of them decide to kidnap agent sitwell and take him on a roof top and they ask him what zolas algorithm is...he then tells them that it predicts threats before happening...he then tells a few names or the dialogue being *steve rogers,stephen strange all these are threats to hydra*

Stephen strange...does this name ring any bells...of course it does...let me tell you the full name of Dr.Strange,it is Stephen Vincent Strange.

Does this mean that Dr. Strange is already in the MCU...thats so cool...but how will they introduce him. More importantly SHIELD knows about it and they have already marked him as superhuman [assumption]

Doctor Strange was referenced!
Doctor Strange was referenced!

From what i know Doctor Strange is coming to big screen in late 2016 so there is a good chance that they might sneek a peek of him in civil war...thats a long shot ...I came to know that Kevin feige announved that the movie wont be a intro to him and he will have become Dr.Strange by the start of the film

The writers might want to tell something about his background..especially how he learned to do magic...dont worry guys its marvel we are talking about,they just make everything so good you need not bother...also they are casting benedict cumberbatch..he is an awesome actor..he will probably live upto it..

You might want to see the movie once again for this scene...anyways if youve got any new theories about it just post it in the comments...marvel lives...!!


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