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Before we get started I should warn you that this is a huge spoiler filled article, so if wish to know what I thought of the movie, without any spoilers, then check out my review on my home page!

Now that you have been warned, I will discuss certain things that have happened in the movie that is major to the MCU, and what worked for me and what not worked for me:


Firstly, I thought it was a very good move by Marvel to not show him in any of the trailers (except for the 3 seconds at the end of a trailer). Because it got us more excited as for what we would get in the movie, and I have to say, I was very impressed with what Whedon did with the character, the way it was perfectly stitched in the storyline, and the way Paul Bettany portrayed this character, and final conversation between him and Ultron, talking about humanities fate, loved it! I'm so glad I will be seeing him in future MCU films.

Hawkeyes importance to the MCU

This may be a bit of a surprise to some people, but I was very impressed with how Clint Barton was made up for the lack of contribution from the first film, it was a bit of surprise to me to find out about his family, but that was another side to him that worked really well. He has become a key part of the Avengers team, and it truly shows in this movie.

Quicksilvers Death

This is one of the things that I was not confident about, although his death was very noble, and shows how much his character had grown towards the Avengers over the entire movie, I felt that he had potential to become an indispensable part of the Avengers team in the future, and I felt that killing him off was a poor way to deal with a character that could have been so much more!

The Ending

Obviously a very key part of the film was the ending, Tony Stark and Hawkeye retired from the Avengers, Thor left Earth to learn more about the Infinity stones, and the hulk goes into hiding after his actions against the hulk buster (which was bad-ass by the way!). Which meant that Captain America has had to find a new team to lead. The new Avengers team is Cap, Black Widow, Vision, Falcon, War Machine, and Scarlett Witch. At first I was hesitant, I felt that they should have kept the initial team, but thinking about it, this will be Captain Americas side in Civil War (More or Less), and then the team would shuffle once again for infinity war, so overall, I love the ending.

Post Credits scene

Another important part of the MCU is the post credits scene, and actually, I was quite disappointed with it, I felt there was potential for the movie to tease Civil War, or maybe even Spider Man, something close than the Infinty War, they missed their opportunity, which was a real shame.

So what did you think of the movie? Have I missed anything out, comment below and let me know!


What did you think of Avengers: Age of Ultron?


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