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As many are aware, the fault in our stars is a sad but sweet story about a young girl with cancer. It started as an amazing novel which was recently turned into a blockbuster movie. As with many films, it has some amazing back stories to it which I feel just HAVE to be shared with my fellow TFIOS (The Fault In Our Stars) fans!

1. Shailene Woodley actually cut off all her long luscious hair and sent it to a cancer charity to be made into a wig.

That's right, as many are aware, Shailene (Hazel Grace) now has a short crop. This wasn't for a fashion statement, this was for her role in TFIOS, instead of doing the whole wig option, she said she wanted it to be personal so she knew what it was really like having a lack of hair. And if that wasn't awesome enough, she then sent her hair to the charity 'Children With Hair Loss' so a real live kid with hair loss could have a nice beautiful wig.

2. John Green (The Author) was going to be a cameo in the film.

Yup, the author himself was going to play the father of the little girl that asked Hazel Grace about her breathing tubes in the shopping center, but was cut for some unknown reason.

3. Nat Wolff actually wore blackout contact lenses in the film so when shooting, he really was blind.

Nat Wolff who played Augustus and Hazels friend Isaac, actually wore blackout contact lenses in the movie to create authenticity when playing the blind character, he also spent many weeks with eye patches on to get a proper feel for the role.

4. Shailene Woodley (Hazel) actually had her first taste of Marijuana in Amsterdam.

When she was in Amsterdam filming for TFIOS, she basically thought why not do as those in Amsterdam do and had her first try of Marijuana...Naughty.

5. Their is a reason the main character was called Hazel.

According to John Green, Hazel is an in between color, not quite brown or green, much like Hazels character. Hazel is not quite an adult but not really a child either. She's half way between living healthily but not quite sick enough to kill her either. Plus she's in the middle of breathing okay or suffocating. Their are many other in betweens that Green mentions but these are my fave. Augustus was also named with reasons in mind, Augustus is the name of many great roman emperors, known for their greatness. Augustus was named to enhance how he started as a great un-touchable character and slowly weakens and becomes vulnerable, giving Hazel reason to call him Gus, a cute slightly child-like name instead of the original 'great' Augustus.

6. John Green based this book on a young cancer patient he met.

This story all evolved because John Green met a young cancer patient called Esther Earl. A young girl who unfortunately died at the age of 16 in 2010. He met her through working as a student chaplain in a childrens hospital when he went to a YA book event. This kinda makes the whole story even worse because we know that the real Hazel Grace actually passed away :(

7. Some of the cancer support group members were actually battling cancer.

Yup that's right, a few people actually battling cancer were cast to be apart of the cancer support group Hazel and Augustus attend.

8. At the premiere of TFIOS, the red carpet was 'TFIOS Blue'

I kinda like this, gives the film premiere a personal touch I think.

9. Hazel watches Americas Next Top Model to keep her like a normal teenager.

All us fans know Americas Next Top Model is Hazel's fave tv show, but John Green made this so because he wanted readers to see that just because she was ill or looked different, didn't mean she wasn't still just a teenage girl.

10. Shailene Woodley insisted she wanted to be in the movie before it was made, and made sure Ansel Elgort read the book before discussing with the film makers.

Yeah Shailene wrote to Mr. Green before the movie was on the cards and begged to be in it if it was made into a movie, she's just as big a fan of the book as the rest of us. She also insisted that Ansel Elgort (Augustus Waters) read the book as well as the script before they started shooting. He quotes that he literally read it for Shailene.

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