ByJoanne Povall, writer at

What can be said about this film? Its funny and eye opening for many people who watch it.

Its a film that shows you that people can hide who they really are by hiding it behind greed, hatred and alcohol. Even though the main character Vincent acts like a low life who doesn't care about anyone else, when really he cares a lot. We see this when we goes to see his wife in the care home. Even though she cant remember who he is, he never stops seeing her and making sure that everything is okay. If she doesn't like anything he makes sure that its changed so that she is happy. Even though the care home can do her washing he rather do it himself so that he knows that it is done the way that she likes it.

Its all of this little things that really make you stop and think. It makes you think about all those miserable people you see. What if there is that one person in their life that they really care about and would do anything to make sure that they are happy and can have everything that they need.

This film shows you that you really can't judge a book by its cover because you never really know what a person is like until you waft past the smoke and smell of alcohol.


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