ByCharles Gwynneth, writer at

-2014 Film
-Directed by John Watts

For a person like me who suffered from Coulrophobia when I was young till 9 years old, it is creepy. It is something you didn’t expect to get scared of, cause, yeah they’re clowns. Clowns are supposed to make us laugh and happy, but in this movie, you’re really going to doubt that idea. I’ve always believed that clowns are mysterious. Although yes, the story is quite predictable but I reckon the production’s goal is just to release our childhood fears :) I’d rate it flat 7/10. Even my boyfriend suffered from the same phobia I had, so the movie freaked him out with the idea of clowns eating kids. One of my favorite horror movies is Dead Silence, Insidious, Requiem of a dream (it’s not the usual ghost thing, i know but reality scares me sometimes)

I have to mention that the story progresses too quickly, and when it comes to horror movies, I don't like that. I really hope that they should have pulped some more juices of how the protagonist suffered from the devil.

But it actually gave me nightmares.. Guess I have to explain no further then.


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