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If you're a fan of the Mortal Instruments like me, you will probably see this as the best news of the day. That's right, ABC Family has officialy announced that their new series based on the best-selling books will start filming this May, under the title "Shadowhunters".

In case you're not already familiar with the book franchise, let me just introduce you to the world of Shadowhunters as briefly as possible:

Clary Fray is a girl-next-door kind of teenager until she discovers a completely different world within our own: the world of Shadowhunters, a race of human-angel hybrids whose mission is to protect the mortal world from demons. Also-surprise, surprise!- she's in fact also one of them. When her mother gets kidnaped she teams up with other Shadowhunters, including the sexy and cocky Jayce, the Lightwood siblings, Alec and Isabelle and many more. Oh and did I mention the other cool people around, like vampires, werewolves, faeries and worlocks.

Now you may remember this movie adaption:

Man, it looked so cool, why did it suck?
Man, it looked so cool, why did it suck?

...which massively dissapointed fans everywhere and had a widely bad reception. While they mostly stayed true to the books, the casting was indifferent and the characters didn't really feel like themselves. That is, I have to say, despite the fact that Lena Headey took a break from ploting in King's Landing in order to play as Clary's mother.

Go home Cersei, you're drunk
Go home Cersei, you're drunk

See, right there, this obsessive drawing of those marks was one of the downsides. But in any case, check out this trailer from the movie that actually looks pretty cool:

Dominic Sherwood to play as Jayce

The series has already found their Jayce in the face of Dominic Sherwood, or as you may remember him, Christian Ozera from Vampire Academy. The rest of the cast however, is yet to be announced.

Nevertheless, we are already excited about the series that will reportedly air some time in 2016!


What do you think about the upcoming series?


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