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The thunder buddies are back, and (hopefully) better than ever. After the underwhelming reception to A Million Ways to Die in The West, comedian Seth MacFarlane is due for another hit. What better way to make a comeback than with a sequel to his 2012 surprise hit, Ted? A few hours ago, the red-band trailer for Ted 2 hit the web, and it's already going viral.


Audiences looking for a raunchy, hilarious and heartfelt comedy are in for a treat. Based on the trailer alone, there is quite a lot to look forward to.

This sequel focuses on Ted's marriage with the sassy Tammy-Lynn, and their plan to have a child together. However, since teddy bears don't have testicles, Ted must find a sperm donor.

After attempting to steal sperm from the golden gonads of Patriots quarterback Tom Brady (seen above), John volunteers to give his sperm instead.

Unfortunately, the law forbids Ted from having a child since he is not human, and he must prove his case in front of a court. This brings Ted and John to a young, bong-smoking lawyer (played by Amanda Seyfried) who agrees to help Ted prove he's human.

Amanda Seyfried smoking a bong.
Amanda Seyfried smoking a bong.

This concept has so many comedic possibilities, especially when performed by a typically strong comedic performance from Mark Whalberg. In fact, what really makes this trailer work is the bizarrely excellent chemistry between Mark Whalberg and Seth MacFarlane. It takes a lot to get viewers to care about a grown man and his talking teddy bear, but Ted 2 aims to continue to do just that.

Morgan Freeman in Ted 2.
Morgan Freeman in Ted 2.

Of course, it is entirely possible that the best jokes of the movie are in the trailer, but the film's concept and cast alone offer it a silver platter of potential. We don't see much of Morgan Freeman in any of the trailers, so who knows what he will do or say that will have audiences wetting themselves with laughter?

All in all, despite the disappointment of A Million Ways to Die in the West, Ted 2 looks to recapture the first film's former glory, and possible be even better. If this film is a success with both critics and audiences, maybe it will encourage Seth to avoid the self-indulgent mistakes of his last film and really jump-start his movie career.

You can watch the trailer below!


What are you most looking forward to in Ted 2?


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