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So we finally got our top 5 candidates to play our beloved Peter Parker! Frankly i'm happy. As disappointed as i am we wont be seeing Garfield portraying his role, which i thought he did a great job (good enough job in TASM2). We may get to see who i have wanted since i heard about marvels decision to replace him! If you haven't read my previous article then i suggest you do. (Its really good guys come on). Nat Wolff! Yay. Seriously guys i'm happy about this! Just look at him.

Since i am obviously never going to be spider man i guess he makes a great replacement. Unless you all think id make a great spider man. which I would. you can check out my twitter (@natesawkward) and youtube (Natenatic Gamer). Anyways off topic, This is more about me saying YES I TOLD YOU SO NAT WOLFF FOREVER!! Also about me saying who i want as his supporting cast, lets continue shall we?

Mary Jane or Gwen Stacy?

This is obvious, Gwen Stacy forever guys. I know She dies but hey Mary Jane's there to pick up the pieces ill never accept it but i will deal with it. As for the actress(es)...

Madison McLaughlin

She I think can be perfect for either role, probably more of a Gwen but I can defiantly see her as a MJ as well, shes been in TV shows like Tenn wolf and Supernatural (both really great shows). OK now for #2

Anna Faith (aka That one chick from Frozen)

Now i bet you've seen this picture floating around the internet and thought wow she really does look like that frozen girl. Now i'm lucky enough to actually know her name ( shes so pretty right? damn) Now shes a defiant MJ, the girl next door the superficial good looks? Id love her to be Gwen but hey, MJ was always supposed to be the looks while Gwen was more brains right?

Harry Osborn

Freddie Highmore, hes Norman in that Bates motel show (again fantastic show
). Hes got the snobby rich kid look when you look at him, he would make a great Harry.

Aunt May

Now i know what you're thinking, hey there's no origin story therefore no uncle Ben death, thank god so Aunt Mays already just a given. I personally say bring back Sally field she was great but i doubt that will happen. So as far as aunt may goes it doesn't really matter to me as long as shes an old women who does not get a spin off movie about her being a secret agent.

J Jonah Jameson

This is obvious...

Now i'm not making my own movie here or anything but villain wise i'm super excited, I personally would love to see Mysterio, so the actor i choose to play the part of our beloved foe... drum roll please come on guys.

Jake Gyllenhaal

Why? Well hes creep as hell to be honest and when i vision Mysterio I always think of a creepy dude with creepy eyes and a creepy smile.

So Really that's basically it, my own personal cast listing, Id love to know what you guys think as well as who you'd want to see as well


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