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Aint got time to explain.

The Fox series, Last Man On Earth, hasn't been around for very long but is very entertaining and funny plus already getting a second season. After a while of watching the show I began to notice a pattern as to how Phil "Tandy" Millers life is playing out in this post apocalyptic story of being the last man on earth. Things aren't going so great for Tandy. It's almost like he's serving in hell for eternity.

How Phil Tandy Miller is in Hell Part 1: How Phil Died.

In the beginning of the series they said that the entire human race was killed by a virus. The virus spread all across the United States and killed most of the human race. There isn't really a virus. Phil is the only human in this show actually. Tandy died because of mental illness. This explains why he talks to balls with faces on them and has terrible hygiene issues and problems with lying. This also explains why he doesn't have a back story.

How Phil Tandy Miller is in Hell Part 2: How He is the Only Human Here. Carol Theory.

In the beginning, the only other human that was around was Carol. Carol is not as she appears. Carol is a servant of Satan; a demon of some sort. It's already enough Knowing that she is already creepy looking but this "woman" Is extremely terrible at having sex. This is because Carol doesn't have any lady parts for sex, which adds to the hell that Phil has been subjected to. This also explains further why Phil wants a different "woman." In hell, something like that wouldn't be very pleasurable anyway.

Melissa Theory.

When Melissa made the scene, Phil really wanted to get with her hoping she was a real woman unlike Carol. Nope! Melissa is yet another demon. Carol agreed to let Phil have sex with her because Melissa, too, was a demon chick without any real lady parts, which also explains why she wasn't really into Phil in the bed scene when the next character shows up after Phil's awkward pyrotechnics show.

Todd Theory.

In the episode where they introduced Todd he seemed and looked very shady. This is because Todd is the right hand man of Satan. He was sent to make Phil's stay in hell a little worse. So Todd hooks up with Melissa. Only these strange demons have the ability to have sex with each other. Later on, Todd began to feel sorry for Phil and they become friends and Phil can no longer do things to spite Todd.

Erica and Gail Theory.

When these two succubus ladies show up Phil took this as an opportunity to leave Carol and her nonexistent lady parts behind and start over again thinking that they were normal in their pants as well. In fact they are sexually active with humans because like I just said they are succubus demons. They secretly knew about Carol, Todd and Melissa and that's why they wanted to go "Skinny Dipping." They planned to run into the others to make Phil's life more of a living hell.

Phil Miller #2 Theory.

When the new Phil appeared he showed up as the buff pretty boy who just showed up and took over as president. That's right! This is Satan. He come right in in and had sex with all four of the "women" in the show and even betrayed his right hand man, Todd. Again, only these demons have the ability to have sex with each other. Now that he has pissed off Todd and Tandy they now plan to kill satan like Dante. But in this case their fighting for their sex lives.


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