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Do or do not, there is no try..
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There is very little doubt that this year’s season of Game of Thrones finds all the houses of Westeros at a crossroads. Vanquished houses ravaged the memories of the dead lingering in the lives of the living. One such house in great turmoil is the House of Lannister. Lines have been drawn and the Iron Throne sits on fragile footing as Kings Landing awaits its next crisis.

With the death of Tywin Lannister, the House of Lions is left at its most vulnerable point. Lord Tywin won the war against the North, using the cunning of a master strategist to orchestrate the assassinations of Rob and Caitlin Stark. Make no mistake, with his death now at hand the enemies of House Lannister will smell blood in the water.

It is now up to Jaime and Cersei Lannister to take up the charge of the House and figure out where they go from here. There is no doubt that the once feverish lovers are no longer in each other’s good graces. Although he stills loves her deeply, Jaime Lannister is no longer the man of promise that he once was. Having forsaken his true place as heir of Casterly Rock, and no longer “whole” since he lost a hand Jaime is now at his most vulnerable. Still there is a heart of a lion that beats within him as he takes it upon himself to head to the Kingdom of Dorne to retrieve their daughter Myrcella Baratheon who was promised to the Prince Trystane Martell and heir to the throne.

With his daughter in the crosshairs of the Ellaria Sand, the vengeful lover of the fallen Prince Oberyn Martell, Jaime leaves Kings Landing to attempt a rescue without starting a war with Doran Martell that can end the Lannister’s hold on the Iron Throne. The leader of Dorne stayed neutral during the war of Five Kings and has his army of fierce Dornish warriors at full strength whereas the army of the King of Westeros is still depleted.

Cersei also finds herself at her most low. Since losing her father she is now seen as the true head of the House of Lions. Having an unbendable will like Lord Tywin, she will try to secure her son King Tommen’s rule of Westeros; a task that will not be easy since she isn't the only woman in her son’s life.

House Tyrell has a commanding voice in the form of Queen Margery. A woman who takes after her grandmother, she will do what she needs in order to solidify her grip on the young King. The boy who is now a MAN is in a fragile point, stuck in the middle of his wife and mother.

Of course we are not going to forget the most popular Lannister of all. Although on the run from the wrath of his siblings with the help of Varys, Tyrion appears in the lands of the Dragon Queen. As he is being courted to join forces with Daenerys Targaryen, Tyrion is battling with the despair of his actions.


So what’s next for the Lannisters?

Tyrion will find that he’s lost more than his desire when Jorah Mormont comes looking for him. Even being the smallest person in a huge land, there is no removing the Lannister brand off of him; making Tyrion a target for anyone looking to move forward on the chess board.

The Kingslayer lands on the shores of Dorn. Accompanied by Bronn and desperate to reach his daughter Myrcella before she ends up in the mouth of vengeance. Ellaria will do all she can to stir up the drums of war between Dorne and Kings Landing.

The race begins.There is no easy path for Jaime to take, as he will eventually have to defend himself against a group of young “ladies” who will stop at nothing to avenge the death of their father.

Cersei will put into motion events that will either cripple for strengthen her sons rule. She will elevate a certain priest who will challenge the ways of Westeros.The alliance between the King and the House Tyrell will be put to the test by the Queen Mother; sending the current Queen reeling as one very dear to her heart is captured by the “Sparrows”.

There is no doubt that King Tommen‘s will is weak. The young King reaches a point of decision unlike any he has had to make. His Mother will make him choose her guidance, one way or another; even if it means pitting her son against the High Sparrows. Will he fight or flee?

Although the war against the North is over for now; there is no peace in Kings Landing.

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