ByCandy Bradison, writer at
Candy Bradison

I am going to be Negan!!!!!!! HA. I ALREADY AM IN MY DREAMS ANYWAY!!!! you will love to hate me!!!!! I can ride a horse better than anyone on the show, motorcycle no problem, living in a post apocalyptic world no problem, i have already been there and survived it, shitting in the woods you bet ya, eating a bug or two, I got that, four wheeler bring them on, dirt under the nails, it washes out. I can bring a grown man to tears with just words, Imagine what I can do with a weapon. My aim is better with a pistol but a rifle will do. Bow and arrows, they fly to my hands, it loves the caress. I can gut a deer faster than most (in a wife beater and shorts no less) and I'm not afraid to crawl inside for warmth and safety. A bat?, I keep one by my bed, who needs a gun, wait that ones under my pillow. This girl has the heart of a mother, the stealth of a wild cat and the strength of bear. I will hunt you down, I will survive at any cost. Candy Bradison of Washington.


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