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Tattoos can be a rather exquisite work of art, that is, if you go to the right artist. While some are skilled in portraits, others work on more specific styles, such as watercolor, Japanese, American traditional, new school, and so forth.

While it is a common suspicion that getting your loved one's name tattooed on your body will only lead to the demise of your relationship, there are many brave souls who choose to ignore the warnings.

Tyga, Kylie Jenner's boyfriend, is one such man who appears to have gotten a tattoo of Kylie's name on his right inner elbow.

That's right people. I'm unsure if Tyga and Kylie are doomed from the start, but regardless, Tyga must be a confident man to get such a permanent fixture on his body.

Although he did this to showcase that he is committed to her, and only her, we have to keep in mind that Kylie is still only seventeen-years-old, and we all know how teenagers can be.

I suppose only time will tell, but I don't need to wait for time to tell me that Tyga will regret this tattoo sooner than we think.

[Source: dlisted]


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