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If the title didn't alert you, the newest trailer for The Flash- appropriately called "Endgame," referencing a quote of Harrison Wells/Eobard Thawne from several trailers, is PACKED with goodness that will make any self respecting Flash watcher geek out. Needless to say, speculation on the upcoming four and final episodes of The Flash follow, as well as spoilers up until this point in the season. Here's the trailer!

It's only little compared to what we're used to, but it's packed.

Barry and Wells are on equal footing- finally!

Harrison Wells ready for the finale!
Harrison Wells ready for the finale!

Well, one of them's actually slightly faster, but that's beside the point. Barry now knows who Wells is, and, above all, stands a chance of beating him- and Wells/Thawne knows it. Expect some great scenes between these two in upcoming episodes as we learn more about Thawne and, in the process, watch as Barry tries to fight him, both physically and psychologically.

Many people are saying the above shot is a spoiler because Wells is in the Pipeline. Please, give the showrunners some credit. They are not stupid people, they've proven that countless times- let alone stupid enough to include a shot which is as big a spoiler as Wells' defeat in the promo. There's far more to what you see in every trailer, regardless of how clever we think we might be. Similarly goes for the shot of a Reverse Flash suit falling from a building, also seen very quickly in this trailer.

And then there were three...

I do hate the term "Original Team Flash" or whatnot mainly out of the pure stupidity of the term "Original Team Arrow" used to alienate characters of the show and refer solely to Oliver, Felicity and Diggle, who, while Oliver and Diggle paired up first, are not the 'original' Team Arrow- plus, it's got this new connotation that somehow they're the only ones that matter, and key players each with their own role aren't needed or wanted.

That said, this trio are an amazing bunch, and while they're not just Team Flash- don't forget West! - expect to see a lot more scenes between just the three of them, now that Wells has betrayed them all in different ways.

Reverse Flash attack!

This has been in several trailers now, but it's seemed from day one that that's Wells tearing Eddie away from Iris. Remember, the two have "surprising secrets" to come, potentially as early as this week.

What's Thawne holding here?

I may be missing something incredibly obvious, but given I sadly pick up on every last detail in other trailers, I'm just assuming that's not the case here. From the looks of it, it's a vial of some sort, probably to do with his speed- remember, his Tachyon device is helping him gain his speed, and he's still working hard to gain more and more speed to travel through time. It may be tied to way back from Episode 7, where Wells took some of Blackout's blood to help absorb the Flash's powers- that might just come back into play.

This is a temporary Team-Up!

If you're a fan of team ups at all, then Episode 22, Rogue Air, is undoubtedly the one for you. The penultimate episode of the series will see not only the current Rogues unite with The Flash for a while- though, surprise surprise, Captain Cold may have something else in mind- it'll also see the reintroduction of several villains in the series...

Featuring Deathbolt, Peek-a-Boo, Rainbow Raider, Mist, and, leading the pack, Weather Wizard. And, of course, the team up that broke the internet.

All that in Episode 22, Rogue Air.

What's the particle accelerator doing online?

You can see the console with similar readings as the particle accelerator activates in the photo beneath the heading above- but what's it being turned on for? We can infer this is from Episode 22, so whatever it is, it's gonna do something game changing for the finale.

Barry watching his mother's murder?

We see the now famous shot etched into our minds of the speedsters running around Nora as she screams for Barry to run- but then we see Barry watching it too. How's he doing that? There are all kinds of explanations, but the most logical one, given he's watching it in his suit, apparently there? He's traveled back in time, and watching himself fight Reverse Flash.

This guy again?

Okay guys, I'll tell you what, this guy is actually royally annoying me- because he's eluded me for over a month now, and we still don't know his identity. Popular guesses range from Sportsmaster to a member of HIVE, to a resurrected General Eiling or a more obscure member of the Flash villain. Let me know your thoughts in the comments, as we've done several times before. Whatever the case, expect answers this week or next at the latest.

The music?

Quite a few people have asked where the music in the second half of the trailer is on other sites, and there's a reason you've heard it before- it's from the particularly awesome tunnel fight scene in Arrow's second season's finale, appropriately called Tunnel Fight in the OST.

That quick montage!

While it's an epic last few seconds that demands being watched in 0.25x speed, those last few seconds don't actually give us much new, and are shots from previous trailers such as the Paleyfest one or the "Different Person" trailer- you can look through those two attached breakdowns if you want the shots.

And, yes...GRODD LIVES!

While he's only in the trailer for a split second, next week's episode is called Grodd Lives and sounds amazing, so it's only fair to get you hyped up for it early- especially given we got a lot of amazing shots from it today, including this article's cover photo and the one above. Grodd looks insanely good, and I don't mean that for just on a TV budget. Next week he steps out of the light in all his majesty for us to revel in that costume and CGI blend as he begins to wreak havoc through the city and finds a grudge with Barry Allen.

That's all for now, but for a 45 second trailer, that's a lot to dissect! I'd expect a similar Arrow trailer soon, but, for now, you can entertain yourself with a breakdown for tomorrow's episode, The Trap, or Arrow's next episode, Al Sah-Him. Don't miss The Trap tomorrow night!


Are you excited to see Grodd step into the light- literally- and get some screen time?


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